The Sino-Russian Blockade: The Inner Sanctum of Death Lives On

Saturday’s day of death in the besieged city of Homs at the hands of the Syrian army and security forces beheld the worst episode of violence in Syria’s chronic 11-month uprising. Homs which has been at the epicentre of the uprising saw as many 300 deaths on Saturday and the UN has stated that since March 2011 Assad’s regime has now been responsible for as many as 6000 deaths as well as detaining many thousands of activists.
The day of death on Saturday prompted the UN Security Council to take action and back an Arab League peace plan and produce a resolution calling for Syrian president Bashar al-Assad to step down, to hand over the reins to his deputy and move towards a peaceful political transition to a unity government. However whilst all 13 members of the Council voted in favor of the resolution, including even South Africa and India who had earlier voiced grave concerns, the international diplomatic efforts were derailed when once again China and Russia wielded their veto in defense of their perceived threat to Syria’s sovereignty. A veto wielded just as they had done so in October 2011 which has followed with over 2000 deaths.
Unsurprisingly the blockade has prompted international condemnation from the Middle East, the Arab world and much of the West. The UK’s foreign secretary William Hague and Washington’s UN envoy Susan Rice particularly vociferous in their critique of the Sino-Russion decision to continue to prop up Syria’s regime of death. Hague has stated that the weekend’s events have shunted Syria ever close to full blown civil war and stated that any future blood spilt would be on the hands of Russia and China.
The Sino-Russian blockade simply goes to embolden and shield the Assad regime from international interference and thus allows the Damascus administration to continue forward on its reign of terror and as such we can reasonably expect considerably many more episodes of violence.
Indeed the Telegraph reports that yesterday after a further day of shelling 40 were killed and only this morning as many as 50 civilians have died as Assad’s force continue on their offensive as they encircle the city of Homs with tanks
The Syrian National Council, the biggest opposition group, countless activists and Syrian expats around the world continue to call on for outside help. Britain and other Western states are continuing to work with Arab nations to bring an end to Assad’s lunacy. Clinton continues to pursue diplomatic relations and Hague has spoken of the possibility of the Arab League working towards building a peace plan which presumably would work well as it would appear to impinge less on the sovereignty of Syria and stand as less interference from the West.
In any case we have seen this mindless killing all before as throughout the wider Arab Spring and as such on can reasonably predict how the next few months will unfold. Indeed one can reasonably envisaged the eventual involvement of Western forces, after all a mandate from the UN is not strictly necessary, the empowerment of the SNC and anti-Assad forces, and a long drawn out siege against Assad which will be followed by the eventual removal of this despot.

  • Billy Pilgrim


    ‘In which case, whatever your intention, you argued for Saddam.’

    Nonsense. The binary choice you present, between war and sanctions, only makes sense if you have completely internalised the assumption that the US owns the world, and US interests are the first consideration in all eventualities.

    There were plenty of perfectly workable ideas for getting rid of the Saddam regime, without recourse to either sanctions or war; the problem with these ideas, though they would have overthrown the regime without destroying the country, is that they didn’t serve US interests so well as did war.

  • HeinzGuderian

    Billy,you are the only one assuming the USA owns the world,mate.
    Nothing they like better than going to war…………just ask Mexico and Canada………?
    They turned up late for Two World Wars,then occupied all the territory they took in WWII……..ooooooh wait,sorry,that was Russia,silly me.

    Me thinks you are arguing,simply for the sake of arguing.

  • CoisteBodhar

    The USA does own the world. Otherwise the world currency would be the British Pound.

  • Jimmy Sands

    There were plenty of perfectly workable ideas for getting rid of the Saddam regime,

    There were? Now you tell us.

  • JR

    After seeing Marie Colvin’s truely shocking and thought provoking report from Homs on the News last night it was a shock to see the news this morning to see she was killed just a few hours later.

  • JR

    The report that cost Marie Colvin her life.

  • Jimmy Sands

    Anyone sticking with the “fake US backed uprising” line?

    Gone very quiet here now.

  • lamhdearg2

    Wikileaks: US-led NATO Troops Operate Inside Syria

    A document released by the WikiLeaks website has revealed that undercover US-led NATO forces are operating inside Syria
    WikiLeaks released a confidential email from an analyst working for the US-based intelligence firm Stratfor, in which he claims to have attended a meeting in the Pentagon with several NATO officials from France and Britain in December last year.

    The analyst said he learned that US-led NATO troops are already on the ground in Syria, training armed gangs.

    “SOF [special operation forces] teams (presumably from the US, UK, France, Jordan and Turkey) are already on the ground, focused on recce [reconnaissance] missions and training opposition forces,” the analyst claimed in his letter.

    The Stratfor analyst went on to say that “the idea ‘hypothetically’ is to commit guerrilla attacks, assassination campaigns” to overthrow the Syrian government.

    This fact is revealed despite claims by the Western military alliance denying the deployment of forces to Syria.

    In addition, armed gangs in the country recently said they have received military hardware from France and Britain to attack government forces.

    Al-Manar Website posted an article Saturday, it which it revealed that weapons from Israel are used for the first time by the terrorist armed gangs in Baba Amr, Homs, where the Mossad, Blackwater and CIA have led military operations.
    copyed and pasted.

  • Just as in Vietnam the imperialist forces destoyed villages to ‘save’ them. So now Imperialism in it’s precipitous decline is destroying countries in rapid succession to save them.
    The only card left in the Imperialist deck is the relentless promotion of savage sectarianism, tribalism and any form of backwardness they can summon up.
    A modern country is being ‘bombed back to the stone age’ and the so-called political leaders of the working class around the world don’t raise as much as a whimper in alarm. Indeed they promote the base lies of Washington.
    The future that capitalism offers mankind is what is now happening in Syria.

  • UN General Assembly targets Syria as US proxy war escalates