“This is a read-back into the so-called ‘dirty war’…”

In yesterday’s Belfast Telegraph, Brian Rowan attempted to explained the thinking behind Sinn Féin’s expressed concerns about the “Dark Side”  [It’s “a sound working partnership and one that is to be commended” – Ed]  Indeed.  From the Belfast Telegraph article

…this is not a row for the sake of being awkward.  It is a serious attempt to engage Matt Baggott sooner rather than later.

I think it would be fair to say that a degree of briefing was involved in the writing of the article.

Which, if we are to take those concerns at face value, as the timely front-page story of today’s Irish News would suggest – the gist is in the BBC newspaper review and it relates to a previous intervention by the NI deputy First Minister in an ongoing police investigation – makes this section of the Belfast Telegraph article of particular interest.

The dissident threat means a continuing intelligence need. But explanation is required when suspected agents are seen at play in republican communities.

At play in terms of articulating the thinking and strategy of armed dissidents, including those behind the killing of Constable Ronan Kerr. And at play pulling the strings in riotous confrontations with the PSNI. [added emphasis]

This is a read-back into the so-called ‘dirty war’.

[Well, it worked the last time! – Ed]  That was before the dissidents, erm, dissented