How it feels to be Irish these days?

With all the intense focus around Scottish devolution here on Slugger, we missed what has to be the best blog post of the week on Storyful… another tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. As someone once said.

  • Is that how it feels to be Irish?
    I dont know.
    Certainly it appears to be how the folks in the video felt.

    How is the question even possible.Whats it like to have blue eyes these days? Point is that theres whatever number of millions of Irish citizens…..and fewer millions living in the Republic. Is that how, some, many or all feel?

    Speaking for myself, Im not feeling great. Bad football result today. Only the Premiership left but at least these Euro 2012 to watch. And the Olympics so kinda ok.
    My toothache has cleared up and I won about £40 on a football bet.

    I get my bus/train pass in 102 days and that effectively puts a few quid in my pocket. travelling all over Norn Iron gratis.
    Secret plans for big party.
    Slightly depressing thought that I am entering the last quarter of active life.
    Pretty damned pleased that Im not in the first quarter of my life. Christ what a depressing thought that is for the entire western world. Too late for me to learn Chinese anyway.
    But thats specifically me…rather than the whole Irish thing.
    Well to be honest 2007 onwards seems a bit of a downer….but frankly the 1970s were a lot worse.
    Work used to take me to training courses in Ingerland……used to get asked that same question…..

    “whats it like to be Irish these days”?
    or “arent you ashamed to be Irish?”
    Well no……….I would never be ashamed to be Irish……….I might well think that other Irishmen should be ashamed of themselves….not just those that actually caused the crisis but even more so the self-loathing Irishmen/women who want to distance themselves from their roots, craving the blessing of their English peers for making some kind of “journey”.

  • HeinzGuderian

    But don’t you ever “journey” to support “your” English Football Club ?

    One has to laugh. One really does. 😉

  • wee buns

    A smashing wee mockumentry tragicomedy – painful levels of passivity punctuated by laughs at ourselves, and at the baddies. The German funny handshake is priceless.

    While identifying with the Icelandic character, and despite being personally pro active, the wider passive mindset tends to invade via TV & radio & can act as an energy drain.

    Never before has shouting/swearing at the TV been more rife!
    Nor bonding with like minds, more vital!

  • Forgive me, but … isn’t the old inferiority complex showing through here

  • wee buns

    ”…isn’t the old inferiority complex showing through here”

    What? Where? You’ve been at the Lonely Planet Guide?