“We would end up like West Pakistan-” Empey on the nightmare of Scottish Independence

The Scottish Independence debate has clearly unnerved our local unionist political leaders in recent days, leading to at times sensational and contradictory messages from the political elite (past and present.) But Reg Empey’s latest missive, delivered in the House of Lords, warrants special mention.

From the BBC Report:

The former Ulster Unionist Party leader said Northern Ireland had “spent decades overcoming nationalist terrorism and we gradually after years and years and years managed to settle down our community”.

“I don’t wish to exaggerate, but if the Scottish nationalists were to succeed it could possibly reignite the difficulties we have just managed to overcome,” he said.

“I do not say that lightly.”

He told peers said that if Scotland broke away from the UK, people in Northern Ireland would have “a foreign country on one side of us and a foreign country on the other side of us”.

We would end up like West Pakistan,” he said. (my italics)

“We are all hewn from the same rock.

“Just imagine the situation we would be placed in.”

Indeed, Reg.

A truly appalling vista……