Happy New Year…

I see quite a few of our readers are already in 2012, and those of us in Britain and Ireland will be there a few hours before our US and Canadian readers…

Whatever your politics, or wherever you are, here’s wishing you the best for the new year… And Slugger’s eleventh year…

  • Mary Anna

    Thank you for the yellow cards and a peaceful one to you – me friend. Ps i won’t roll over for any man women or beast.xx

  • Eleven years! Seems like yesterday.
    Best wishes, Mick, and the same to all contributors.

  • tuatha

    Most of us thought that 2011 was a gumboil of a year but I quail & quake to imagine what 2012 will bring. On the bright side some dictatorships ended, some faltering but, unfortunately, some unscathed by reality.
    Peace hasn’t exactly broken out in Iraq with the alleged, reported, kinda-sorta withdrawal of the US army – ignore the 16sqkm “embassy” with its own water supply, power, sewage disposal and upwards of 20,000 personnel (all cultural attaches and visa processors, obviously).
    Afghanistan, with not even a pretend peace, will continue to bleed and cause others to bleed – as an exemplar par excellence of blowback & imperial hubris it will go down in the history books, if such things continue to exist.
    The globe will continue to warm, the Gulf Stream will weaken and may fail giving those of us of the blessed west coast a winter climate more apposite to our latitude and meanwhiole the merchants of doubt will do their well funded best to obfuscate, deny & lie about the effects of overconsumption of the gee-gaws of over industrialisation.
    Then there is the little matter of the final collapse of the eurozone, despite the mummery of Merkozy and the stern strictures of the technocrats eager to force more of their noxious nostrums down our already austerity etiolated throats.
    Give me a couple of acres, a donkey and a spade.

  • tuatha

    PS – Happy New Year!

  • tuatha

    Mary Anna – do you mean as in Leviticus 18.23?

  • Mary Anna

    Leviticus, can you explain that big word- i am a country girl at heart!

  • Fick_Mealty

    Happy New Year, may I suggest a new year’s resolution?

    Lay off the Yeats.

  • Munsterview

    Happy New Year to Republicans, (fe glas ‘s saor) the slugger team and all contributers and readers. 2012……’Red Cardsman pass on by!

  • Dewi

    Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i bawb.

  • Mick Fealty

    Would that be the Wine Bar, or the poems?

  • Best wishes to one and all!

  • JR

    Athbhliain faoi shéan agus faoi mhaise daoibh!!

  • JR,
    For the benefit of those of us who never had the Irish or who have forgotten most of it (me, particularly), It would be nice, even stretching to respectful) to provide a translation. You too, Dewi.

  • My wishes for 2012

    May this be the year that Humanity defeats Religion

    May this be the year when we realize that peace is not the absence of violence rather that it is the presence of justice

    May this be the year we pay out more for the law abiding pensioners who have supported us all their years, than we do for society’s enemies, we keep behind bars

    May this be the year we all set aside our principles – and do the right thing

    May this be the year that we reward those who do the work.

    May this be the year we look back on in years to come as -the good old days-

    best wishes to everyone friend a foe alike


  • ..set aside our principles..?

    Surely you mean prejudices or that we reexamine our principles to determine if they are misguided?

  • Republic of Connaught

    Happy 2012 to all on Slugger.

    Let’s hope this is the year that Ireland strikes oil off the glorious west coast ….. on March 17th no less…. and then puts two fingers up to Paris and Berlin and defaults on all our EU bank debts whilst thereafter living the highlife of Celtic Sultans.

    Also, may 2012 also be the year the Trap wins the Euros and carries it up Croagh Patrick 🙂

  • Decimus

    Happy New Year Mick.

  • JR


    No disrespect intended.

    A happy and peaceful new year to you all!!

    I would Imagine Dewies says the same.

  • Thanks, JR.

  • galloglaigh

    Happy New Year to one and all – and especially Decimus… I hope you learn to back up your silly claims in 2012, and not use your imaginary childhood books!

  • dwatch