Quote of the Day…

From The Great Stagnation, quoted by Martin Wolf…

“…politics is very difficult in an America without much low-hanging fruit”.

As in America, so in Ireland where pork is also the chief political commodity?

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  • The yokel

    Mick this is from a Canadian poster on your link – Dubhglas, as comment on Martin Wolf’s article.Good points well made. Oh and do you mean pork pies, surely not.

    “The author postulates that most of our problems stem from failures of politics, economics, social policy and ultimately, our immature psychology.
    Then, he proposes increased investment in science as the solution? So, the next techno-fix can sustain our delusional behaviour for awhile longer?

    I think science and scientists have done rather well over the past century.
    Politics, economics and mass psychology have not done so well.
    Indeed, some of our most sophisticated applied psychology is used to manipulate us into buying stuff we do not need.

    So unless our scientific investment goes toward sociology, clinical and behavioural psychology, I question whether increased science is the fundamental solution to our problems.

    In fact, some of the really big picture science like fusion reactors may well be beyond our attainment, because we lack the social ability to allocate sufficient investment.

    We can no longer run a simple fission reactor (or indeed, highway overpasses) reliably, because our social and management abilities are so weak that we cannot be bothered to pay for maintenance”.