Budget 2011: How was it for you?

Pro business, pro growth says the Irish Times. Fortune favours the bold, and this was not bold says Stephen Collins. Labour down the TD it gained in Dublin West, Patrick Nulty but still the coalition have around a fifty seat majority.

But for of you affected, how was it for you?

  • Drumlins Rock

    should have put the duty on Diesel up more, get rid of these darn lorries on my door step.

    Get the feeling this was just the butter them up budget, start the ball rolling for the next few years.

  • iluvni

    I watched Kenny replying to a question Adams posed to him in what sounded like tortured Irish.
    I hadnt a clue what was being said but by the looks of Adams rabbit in thw headlights stare, he hadnt a clue what was being said either.

  • John Ó Néill

    No capital gains tax for those who invest in commercial property before the end of 2012. Nothing to end the controversial upperwards-only rent reviews (with references to NAMA etc). More property-related incentives like modified mortgage interest reliefs.

    You’d never think there had been a horrific property-related economic collapse…

  • wee buns


  • IrelandNorth

    “Let me tell you, the Irish people. The economic difficulties were aer in are not your fault!” [But unfortunately I’m still going to have to fine you for an offence not of your making!] Since the political integrity of both this administration and it’s predecessors is morally and ethically compromised by the banking caste which owns Ireland, I just am not free to actually say or do anything else. So, dip into yisser Confirmation moneys and chip in, unlike the fuckers who caused the problem. That’s how it was for me!!!

  • tuatha

    In the 1839 words, there were over 50 ‘and’s, a dozen ‘but’s and several ‘wish’s but a dearth of verbs of value.
    the challenge we face as a community, as an economy, and as a country.“. Interesting choice of word order.
    To paraphrase the Elephant Man, “We are NOT an economy!“.
    A community, a society, a country but no, WE are not a merchantilist construct.
    The first four lines contained the word “challenge” in each. And what is this? “To restore our economy“!
    How about we restore our community and society as a first priority? Little things like education for the next generation, health care for all and functional infrastructure? Think of the “economy” that would create, as a side effect.
    As Fintan O’Toole pointed out, it reads as if written by a bunch of PR copy writers, all form with no content.
    eg “If you’re unemployed ..(you) can’t find work” No shit Sherlock! Such analysis is only matched by the asocial awareness of the over paid who could write such guff and anyone so tin-eared and lacking in substance as to speechify it.
    For the sacrifices of the vast majority to be compared by the slight inconvenience & pruning of the lavish endowments of past pollies – utter failures everyone on the, by the definition alluded to in this piece of verbiage – is utterly disdainful.