Robinson: “This speech of Robinson’s seemed bolder…”

There has been a lot comment expressing doubts about Peter Robinson’s sincerity re bringing Catholics into the party. But Gerry Moriarty has the critical factor. It can be read against delivery:

There wasn’t much meat on the bones, so to speak, but Robinson definitely set out a broad vision for the party that includes seeking to bring Catholics into the DUP, and more generally to persuade more of them to hold with the North’s union with Britain.

In a sense it was a mirror image of how Sinn Féin says it wants to persuade unionists of the benefits of a united Ireland. But this speech of Robinson’s seemed bolder because if there is not practical follow-up to his pledges then his talk of energetically working to create “one community” will become a running political joke – a pledge that will haunt him and the DUP.

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