News International being investigated over allegations of hacking into NIO computers

The Guardian has a fascinating breaking story

Metropolitan police that they are investigating evidence that his computer, and those of senior Northern Ireland civil servants and intelligence agents, may have been hacked by private detectives working for News International.

Tom Watson notes:

Phone hacking is one thing, but targeting the computers of ministers with high-security clearance takes this police investigation to another level. It also raises questions for News International about whether its management were aware.”

Indeed. We’ll wait to see if the main feature is as juicy as the trailer makes it out… Hacking into the NIO? I’m pretty sure that the SoS these days has his own computer which runs separately from the departmental system.

Let’s see if they did and if they did, what they got?

  • michael-mcivor

    A few years ago some attempted to blame Sinn Fein for playing the spy game at the assembly- looks like it could have been news international all along-

  • Pete Baker


    I’ll wait for the details.

    The only indication of what’s behind the story, or the time-frame involved, apart from Peter Hain’s spokesman’s refusal to comment directly, is this

    It is understood from legal sources that Hain is to be asked to confirm material obtained by the police investigators comes from his computer.

    Which computer would that be…?

  • Munsterview

    Curiouser and curiouser !

    One thing for sure, if The News Of The Screws were listening to X, the Intel Services were listening to the News Of The Screws, listening to whoever they were listening to. Just where do this merry-go-round stop next?

    It must be getting close now to where ‘State Interests’ will decree going into camera or pulling the plug on the whole thing !

  • Isnt Mr Nick Davies, the rogue reporter credited with breaking much of the details of Media Scandals a Guardian journalist?
    And isnt he due to give evidence to Leveson later today?

  • FuturePhysicist

    I’m with Pete this must be a mistake, News International don’t really give a damn with what goes on over here these days, especially in the NIO.

  • Cynic2

    But they may have been intersted in what was going on inside Labour where Hain stood for Deputy PM and tehre was faction fighting going on

  • Alanbrooke

    Hain – account broken in to, nothing worth nicking – says it all really.

  • andnowwhat


    My first reaction on reading the following was, what the hell would the NOTW care..

    “The revelation comes on the day the Leveson inquiry into press standards heard from Ian Hurst, a former British army intelligence agent, who used to recruit and run agents within the IRA in Northern Ireland. Hurst, who also used the pseudonym Martin Ingram, told the inquiry he understood his computer was hacked into by a Trojan Horse virus in 2006 by private investigators working on behalf of the News of the World.

    He said he had been shown a seven-page fax by the BBC, which was researching a Panorama programme on the subject for broadcast last March. The fax contained material from July 2006 which was “not only material from his computer”, which came from the private investigators.”

    But, the NOTW is hardly the only NI title

  • Cynic2

    More likely to be hacking Hain’s private or party system to see what internal things he was up to in the ferbile atmosphere in the Labour Party

    And what sort of ‘Intelligence Officer’ allows his PC to be hacked witha simple Trojan? A £15 internet security programme will catch that one

  • Zig70

    the public gets what the public wants, yawn. Been here before with Diana. The only thing gives me heart is the people of Liverpool.

  • Skinner

    Cynic – I think that was part of the documentary last year. IIRC he opened an email from someone he trusted and was speaking to on the phone and that contained the trojan. I may have that wrong but in the documentary he did not come accross as a particularly sophisticated operator.

  • Cynic2

    “The only thing gives me heart is the people of Liverpool”

    …… but where did they get the heart from?