Opposition voices: Broken promises…

There’s not much point in rehashing the largely academic conversation about the vital democratic ingredient of ‘Opposition’ that was strangely missing from the all party negotiated agreements of Belfast/St Andrews, but if you want an idea of the kind of fun we might be missing, here’s a decent stab by Fianna Fail’s ‘newly constituted’ Ogra:

Heaven forfend we should talk so ill of our own local administration…

  • Nordie Northsider

    Sorry, this is by a branch of Fianna Fáil? Pot..kettle…black

  • Mick Fealty

    That would be the man you just socked NN…

  • Lionel Hutz

    The major problem is that you require a position to oppose. There is no assembly position on anything.

    Also, how can you do what this video did when you have no election promises made beyond the general and no actions to speak of to contrast to the promises (which were not made).

    This problem is not just about opposition or the lack there of. Its about the lack of policy

  • 241934 john brennan

    My Sympathy to people in the south.

    Heaven forbid that we should speak so ill of the government up north. Election in May, with no programme for government yet published. No new legislation passed on any subject. No promises made, so none broken. Blame everything on Tory cuts. Deputy First minister so underemployed he took 6 weeks paid holiday to have a shot at being president of the Irish Republic, just because his mate Gerry has job of republican president in Ireland.

    Today, Peter Robinson wants another sectarian election in the north – for the vitally important purpose of copper fastening the name ‘Her Majesty’s Prison’ above the jail doors. Of course any such election would also copper fasten the SF/DUP duopoly and their grip on the non-jobs at Stormont – where attendance for SF/DUP MLA’s is simply a matter of signing on for a pension for life.

    For the rest of us? Well we should be grateful for nothing but peace. ’There is a happy land far, far away, where we’ll get bread and jam three times a day’.

  • harry_w

    “…the vital democratic ingredient of ‘Opposition’ that was strangely missing from the all party negotiated agreements of Belfast/St Andrews…”

    The north isn’t a democracy and is incapable of becoming one, thanks to its boundaries gerrymandered in its formation. It lacks the over-arching political community, either national or civic, required to generate consent. It was tried, it created an Orange state with a permanent unionist government and failed in the face of civil rights reforms. It was incapable of being revived on the basis of voluntary power-sharing.

    The north remains two distinct political communities, unionist and nationalist, and the form of governance agreed by all parties reflects that. There’s nothing strange about it.

    In effect, the smaller party in each community is the opposition to the larger party. So pining for an abstract ‘opposition’, to be like national parliaments elsewhere that exist within agreed boundaries, suggests a denial of the nature of the distinct political communities in the north. It also poses the threat of one community excluding the majority party of the other community from power if they can secure the support of the minority party.

    A ”SF/DUP duopoly” arises because of the unionist and nationalist electorates’ verdicts on their respective opposition, who failed to live up to their self-image as the ‘moderate centre ground’.