Sean Crummey dies…

I have to say I’m somewhat shocked about the death of Sean Crummey; voice and inspiration behind the BBC’s Folks on the Hill… Not least because the last episode I heard went out on Wednesday night… His caracatures were often so well observed, you had the feeling he liked his subject, however he might be sending them up.

His regular colour pieces were the nearest thing Northern Ireland had to a dedicated sketch writer. He will be much missed. Not least amongst those of us who can take our politics a wee bit too seriously at times…

  • Cynic2

    Poor man. He did some fantastic work. We need more like him

  • He brought a playfulness to local politics – sending up representatives in a way that wasn’t totallt disrepectful. Sad news.

  • I too very surprised to hear of Sean Crummey’s death, he can’t have been that old.

    Not a great fan of Folks on the Hill , apart from his McGimpsey take, but I remember seeing him live once with a mixed audience of English conference visitors and locals, roughly 50/50, and he had both in the palm of his hands without ever once patronising the locals by playing to the prejudices of the English. He went down a storm. I suppose he could be more biting off air and of course many a truth is explored in jest.

    May he RIP.

  • Into the west

    totally shocked
    Have enjoyed his show, immensely
    even got some folks in england to listen to
    bbc radio ulster on saturday midday to .
    He’d a strong team, with the likes of Newt Emerson that wrote for it.
    I hope that in some way they can continue with the gags.
    mostly loved his Gerry Kelly private eye
    sadly missed 🙁

  • AGlassOfHine

    What Articles said.

  • Stephen Blacker

    I am very sad to hear about the death of Sean Crummey. We as a society will laugh that bit less because we have lost this wonderful talent.

    R.I.P. Sean Crummey and condolences to his family, friends & fans.

    Here is a clip from YouTube which has Sean talking about the play he wrote and directed – super stuff!

  • CiaranMc

    Deeply saddened by the passing of Sean Crummey. I had the wonderful pleasure of having performed with him on stage.

    He was a talented actor and a witty, generous and kind man.

    He was also the only person who could do Gerry Kelly better than Gerry Kelly!

    Rest well Sean.

  • Mick Fealty

    Absolutely Ciaran. I can only hear Sean’s voice where Gerrys original was.

  • I too am shocked and gutted to hear this, listening to his show has been a weekly highlight for me for the past while..

    Only last week I was telling a friend how funny his “Tom & Gerry” skit was.. RIP

  • The real tribute is that Sean sounded more like the originals than they did.

    Some kind of legacy.

    In a way, it altered minds and perceptions, which is a less than common phenomenon in NI

  • FuturePhysicist

    Both sad and a shock, if ever there was a time Northern Irish political satire were needed, now would be it.

    Many of those who’d watch Folks on the Hill on BBC Television would have no interest in politics otherwise.

  • student

    Very sad news, such a talent for voices. Had the last TV episode of Folks on the Hill recorded on Sky+ up until about 6 months ago, always had hoped for its return. Sadly that will never happen now. A loss to NI politics and entertainment.

  • vanhelsing

    GMU did a small obit on him this morning and it was brilliant. I once heard him do stand up as the ‘entertainment’ at the end of a political meeting – he was superb and will be missed.

  • the wrong side of 40

    The show was good, but he was much better doing a stand up at a dinner dance or something like that. His was satire but never with the viciousness of some of his ilk.

    I also have fond memories of him as a teacher in La Salle (also the school that brought us some of “The Hole in the Wall Gang” – so not all good), even then it seemed like entertainment was his real calling.

    It`s shocking to hear the death of someone at such a young age. Sympathies to his family – RIP.