Graduate Tax: “If you’re English, it’s going to cost ya!”

Alex Huston, occasional blogger of this parish, has his fellow Tory youth benchers in the House of Commons applauding him to the rafters… But, of course, he has the freedom of, not having an electorate, and slagging all of three party leaders… Damned good populist (and policy literate) fun, and maybe one to watch for the future methinks?

  • I didn’t even know that there was a youth parliament. For those interested, here is a link.

  • Cynic2

    We don’t want all these Foreigners commin in here sleeping with our weemin and bringing in them fancy foreign ideas and view points

  • Abu Mikhail74

    At 1 min 36 I can clearly see Draco Malfoy looking bored in the second or third row. I wonder what party the Slytherins are backing these days.

  • Framer

    Makes William Hague’s conference start-up speech look positively juvenile.

    And Huston has mastered populism – more Salmond than Galloway.

  • I believe Alex does have an electorate. Anyone aged between 11-18 can vote in UKYP elections.

  • galloglaigh

    Technically, the young Irish Tory is wrong. As education fees are a devolved matter, it is the devolved budget that covers the cost. If you’re from N.Ireland, and you decide to go to University in England, it’ll cost you as much as an English person. English tuition fees were raised by the Tories, and the devolved nations took a different angle. It shows that the UK is not so united, when it come to the devolved fiscal budgets and policies.

  • Frustrated Democrat


    I think you are wrong on at least two counts, he is a Northern Ireland Conservative, and GB students coming here get to pay up to £9,000 whereas those from the rest of the EU get to pay NI rates, so if you are English it will cost ya.

    Great performance from Alex by the way – the future is bright for Conservatives Future!

  • The argument being made in Scotland is that the SNP’s instinctive anti-English bigotry is one of the main factors driving their discriminatory fees policy:

    But as NI and Welsh students are also suffering there, then perhaps it’s truer to say that it’s the SNP’s instinctive anti-British bigotry which is one of the motivating factors.

    But for self-proclaimed Unionists in NI to be defending the same discrimination against our fellow Brits and using the cover of “devolution” as a fig leaf is not very…well… Unionist really is it?

  • It might be a case of “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours, but bite me and I’ll bite you back”.