Derry to put pressure on Dublin re world heritage status?

Former Derry Mayor, Colm Eastwood is proposing the city bypasses London for Dublin in efforts to apply for world heritage status for the city from Unesco. The UKs list of nominations may be closed for the next nine years.

The Derry application was formulated around the basis that the city had a unique story from ‘Plantation to Peace’.

Mr Eastwood has pointed to Robben Island off Cape Town, the prison in which Nelson Mandela was incarcerated, as a similar venue of political importance which has achieved UNESCO’s World Heritage Status.

Mr Eastwood described any potential impediment to the application due to technicalities surrounding national boundaries as “illogical” due to the historical context of the application. Every effort should be made to find a method around any such potential difficulties” he said. “It is crucial that this city embeds its attraction as a cultural centre of historical Significance.