Ireland (Republic of)’s new President: Michael D Higgins

Hard not to like. Former member of Fianna Fail. Made certain he was available for the post by retiring from the day job in advance. Capable of dropping great constitutional quote. An taon fior Gael amhain sa ras don #Aras11. And finally the beneficiary of a late, and apparently fictional, googly from the once and future Deputy First Minister.

Labour’s Michael D Higgins. Not so much a late sprint as a well paced long game, helped considerably by a hellishly dirty campaign from start to finish.

How was it for you?

  • lamhdearg

    So how much has it cost the losers?, and what will this loss of cash/money mean to the losers, debate this.

  • Dixie Elliott

    Heinz…Lets make peace and form the next government….

    In fact think of all the money we’ll get…

  • HeinzGuderian


    Your ‘brave,new,idea’,would be to bomb,murder,terrorise, The ‘Brits Out’ of dear old ‘Sovereign Ireland’ ? In hock up to its oxsters in EEC debt ?

    I don’t know where you’ve been for the last 40 years mate,and I really don’t want to know.
    But let me just tel you this.
    A campaign of dirty,little,sectarian murder’,has been tried.
    it failed dismally,with the loss of over 3,500 lives.
    I ask again,in all humility,’don’t you get it’ ??

    I get the bit about ,’you don’t want ant foreign interference in Sovereign Ireland……………….but incase it has escaped your notice,’Sovereign Ireland’,takes it’s orders from Brussels now.

    Hello ??

  • Decimus

    Once again it’s refreshing to see the Unionists of Slugger taking such a great interest in the Presidential election of our country – a country they seem to normally want nothing to do with. Intriguing stuff.

    Our Martin might not have won this election but by God, he’s running your beloved Northern Ireland. Enjoy, you bitter bastards.

    So this was actually a republican victory? In your mind. 🙂

  • HeinzGuderian

    It was never about cash,Lam.
    It was about the UI dream.
    Tonight the UI dream as farther away than Mertins Aras will be,this time tomorrow morning !! 😉

  • Publican

    If he had just 1.7% less, he would have lost his deposit. This is not a victory for improving the Sinn Fein profile, as it’s not much better than the vote the party recieved in the general election. Nor did they win the by-election, and at least one of the two referendums they supported may not get passed. I know the party wish to portray this positively, but its not anywhere near as much as was expected. Hard questions need to be asked but will not with the current leadership.

  • Dixie Elliott

    Heinz if you want to think I’m a mad suicide bomber cum ethic cleanser then batter ahead in your deluded state of mind.

    My late father was a Protestant and I’m proud to say that. And I’ve learnt that the likes of Paisley/ Robinson and McGuinness/ Adams need division to survive politically and that violence only assists their lie.

    Anyway I think you’ve had enough for tonight.

  • Decimus

    A summary of the Sinner performance.

    A sharp reminder to the ROI public of some of the disgusting murderous shit that their armed wing were involved in.

    A very public knife in the back to the only candidate who might have been in any way sympathetic to their goals. Thereby creating enemies amongst the only people who might ever think of going into a coalition with them.

    A return to the DFM role in NI which will remind people in the ROI of the joys of partition.

  • lamhdearg

    thank you publican.

  • Publican

    Cheers, Lamhdearg.

    “A very public knife in the back to the only candidate who might have been in any way sympathetic to their goals. Thereby creating enemies amongst the only people who might ever think of going into a coalition with them.”

    You have NO idea! Never a fan of FF myself, but his ambush of Gallagher means an unnofficial “No Quarter Will Be Asked Or Given” mentality from FF. Anecdotal evidence – no more, I stress – tells of voters who were disgusted that a Presidental candidate stooped so low (perfectly okay in regular politics, but not in a Presidental election). All in all, only a good day for those who believe the PR.

  • Decimus



  • HeinzGuderian

    Ayee Lam,but at least the sinners FINALLY learned that couldn’t win !!
    Dixie,gawd love it,was/is,openly supporting some ra,probably contemplating more murder.

    You gave him/it,a by ball.

    Duly noted.

    I wish you,and all Sluggerites a merry goodnight,happy in the knowledge that the sinners lost………..again. 😉

    It’s goodnight from me,and it’s goodnight from Messrs Southern (OH) & Comfort.

    Goodnight 😉

  • Publican

    Cheers, Decimus.

    Finally, the scary bit: the anecdotal evidence came from an entire family of previously firm Sinn Fein voters.

    Night all.

  • Dixie Elliott

    Heinz is most definitely under the influence of something and it could be one of Tescos get 4 for £20 job lots…

  • lamhdearg

    Dixie, dont do a sammy and knock tesco’s, £7.50 of a bottle of jack.

  • lamhdearg

    goodnight 57

  • Dixie Elliott

    It all began with Marty claiming that about 150 people in Derry had turned out in their thousands to send him off…

    From there it just got worse…

  • Rory Carr

    I have just been made aware of this speech made by Higgins in the Dáil on attempts to reduce the minimum wage.

    Had I seen it earlier I would have had the greatest difficulty in favour of arguing in favour of support for any other candidate.

    I doubt that such a passionate, almost irrefutable, contribution has been made in that chamber in many a long day.

    I now I understand what he meant by being a president for a true republic. The only pity is that his former party in coalition are tied to the apron-strings of a senior partner who would trample all over any such notion of a true republic that might cherish all of the children of the nation equally. And they would do so in order to protect and promote the selfish interests of those against whom President Higgins railed in that speech.

    Our new President can count himself fortunate that he will not have to endure the shame of his party colleagues in the Dáil turning upon the poorest in the land at the behest of their government partners and making the justification of necessity while the architects of all misery are allowed to escape scot free.

  • Dewi
  • between the bridges



    Orangemen in the Republic of Ireland, have issued a statement about the election of Michael D Higgins, as the new Irish President.
    “As Orangemen, we would like to congratulate Michael D Higgins on his election to the Office of President, and join with him in praying that Almighty God would direct and sustain him throughout his presidency.
    “As President, he will be responsible for protecting the civil and religious liberties, which flow from the Glorious Revolution of 1688, and which are enshrined in the Irish Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights.
    “He will also be responsible for representing all the people of the Republic of Ireland at home and abroad, not just the majority community. The Protestant community is a significant minority within the State and deserves representation at the highest level. We hope that the new President will acknowledge and celebrate our rich Orange heritage and tradition, and recognise the positive contribution Protestants make to Irish society.
    “We also hope that he will continue the good work of peace and reconciliation across these islands and further develop our special relationship with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This would bring innumerable benefits to the people of Ireland as would a return to the Commonwealth of Nations, where we already have close cultural and economic links.
    “The last President enjoyed good relations with HM Queen and it is our hope that the new President will nurture this friendship with the House of Windsor.”

    A prayer for the President and all in authority.
    Almighty God, who rulest over the kingdoms of the world; We commend to thy merciful care the people of this land, that being guarded by thy providence, they may dwell secure in thy peace. Grant to the President of this State and to all in authority, wisdom and strength to know and to do thy will. Fill them with the love of truth and righteousness, that they may serve thy people faithfully to thy honour and glory; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

    The statement is signed by:

    Cavan County Grand Orange Lodge
    Donegal County Grand Orange Lodge
    Dublin and Wicklow Loyal Orange Lodge
    Leitrim County Grand Orange Lodge
    Monaghan County Grand Orange Lodge