Sinn Fein haven’t ruled out a McGuinness victory, but…

One of the more revealing pieces of journalism on the Aras race this week was in Irish, and quoted in our latest round up… It’s provides a brief insight into Sinn Fein’s thinking re the election:

Nil sé as an cheist go mbainfeadh Martin Mc Guinness toghchán na hUachtaránachta ach tá siad sin cheana féin ag iarraidh a bheith cinnte de go rachaidh an dul chun cinn atá ag titim amach anois chun tairbhe an pháirtí sa chéad olltoghchán eile.

In effect, party strategists have not ruled out a McGuinness victory, but the material improvement of the party’s prospects for the next general is and always was the desired outcome.

Given the relaxed nature of their campaign (no canvassing yesterday, along with events in Northern Ireland where electors are thin on the ground), I suspect they feel that the bulk of Martin’s work is already done.

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