Dana posters in Cavan…

Nice piece of virtual postering in Cavan Town… Mashup from Enda Lee

  • Cynic2

    God apparently forgot an apostrophe so he cant be omnipotent

  • Rory Carr

    Neither apparently is Cynic, omnipotent that is, (nor indeed , more accurately,omniscient) who (in the way of these things) has also forgotten an apostrophe, wouldn’t you know ?

    What every good Catholic boy and girl will be more concerned about is, not so much Dana as a model for the Virgin, we have already had the Blessed Sinéad in that role in Neil Jordan’s The Butcher Boy to contend with, (who can ever forget those divinely inspired words of comfort , “Aw, for fuck’s sake, Francie !” coming from those immaculate lips?), but rather this morphing of the image of the Blessed Virgin with that of the Sacred Heart.

    Clearly a bit of ignorant Proddy black propaganda at play here.

    (Them Cavan Fine Gaelers would be up tae anything, I tell ye.)

  • Holier than thou religious people quite frankly make me puke. I know my faults and and am quite open to admitting them. I can’t help but be suspicious of perfect people.

  • Cynic2

    Touche Rory but I don’t claim to be neither omnipotent nor omniscient. I will leave that to a few others on here

    With four children too either Gabriel has been very busy these last 30 years or Dana hasn’t morphed into the Virgin Mary.

    But why assume Black Proddy Propaganda? Its a simple modern marketing message – BOGOF – vote Dana, get the Virgin Mary with a free Sacred Heart thrown in.Limited time offer. Four weeks only.

    Mind you, she’s a better choice than at least half the field. Could Joyce have dreamed up a better plot / cast of characters that this election?

  • Drumlins Rock

    For a job that basically involves making endless small talk, pretending you care about everyone you meet, spinning bland platitudes with great sincerity and recycling the myth that the Irish are the friendliest folk on the face of the earth, surely Dana fits the bill perfectly?

  • Rory Carr

    There is a internet term for the type of mistake that you made, Cynic (and which I continually make myself), that error that we almost inevitably repeat when correcting someone other’s error. I can’t remember what it is called, but I expect there is some nice nerd out there who will let us know by-and-by.

    It is quite spooky really (to borrow from Dame Edna), almost a kind of spiritual mnemonic of the “Judge not lest ye be judged” category that is indigenous to theinternet.

    p.s. I am not certain that it requires one to be especially overactive in order to father just four children over a period of thirty years. Surely your own experience is not so puritanically influenced as to be so terribly constrained that you might consider it to be so.

  • Cynic2

  • michael-mcivor

    Well- Jesus lost the election to barabas in jerusalem- no talk of second or third preferences in them days of days-

  • Drumlins Rock

    he did make rather spectacular come-back a few days later though.

  • Nunoftheabove

    Given as this is in Cavan can we be at all sure there’s even the merest hint of irony about this necessarily ?

    More pressingly, can it be said that her husband Damien, as I understand it still commercially active within the hospitality industry, is in some respects hotelier than thou ?

  • Munsterview

    Off thread but as this site will have more than a few visits, as good a place as any other to park the notice. Incidently Mick you could give the conference ….. sorry colloquium a plug, it is a worthwhile exercise and I hope our resident Jacobite or some one else attends and reports back.

    IBIS Fir, Sep 30, 2011 at 11:48 AM
    To: ibis@ucd.ie

    IBIS is delighted to announce that Naomi Long, MP will be on the panel of speakers at the Colloquium on Loyalism next Wednesday, 5th October at the Ulster Museum.

    Please see attached invitation.

    Anyone interested in attending who hasn’t already registered should email ibis@ucd.ie or telephone +353 (0)1 716 8670

  • Rory Carr


    Thanks for that Python clip. I had never seen it before and yet I thought I had watched them all when originally broadcast. I just loved the off-centre shot out the window where the Catholic children just never, ever stop pouring out of the door.

    Mel Brooks uses a similar technique in Blazing Saddles, in the Governor’s office, when, through the window ,we watch the hangman at work and, almost unnoticed, finally realise that, not only does the mounted rustler have a noose round his neck, but so also does his horse ! Then too if we blink we can almost miss the Governor’s wedding portrait which consists of a formal painting of the bride and groom – from the rear !

    I was about to let off a barrage of complaint against an almost criminally offensive contribution from one commenter, but I see that his effort has quite sensibly been removed.

    I do not relish the role of moderator in the heat being generated during this election – must be a full-time job.

    Which brings me on to the spell of Indian summer which we are enjoying here in the South-East of England while apparently it pisses down on you lot. It seems that we are enjoying temperatures greater than those in Mexico or even Cuba and there is some speculation that we are benefitting from a band of anti-cyclone (or whatever – I’m not too hot on meterology) that really belongs to the mediterranean. My granddaughter reckons it is because Greece has defaulted on its cosmic energy bill that we are being sold it cheaply. Could be. Anyway, I am off to my little chalet on the Essex Riviera to drink up the last of the summer wine. Cheers !

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Rory, I do hope you’re not the embittered Irish emigrant John Mc Gahern once wrote about. When informed that it was raining heavily back in Ireland he replied ‘that the f**kers may have to climb the trees.’

  • Rory Carr

    You hit the nail square on there, Tochais. That was me.

  • I hope Dana realizes that the Rep of Ireland is just that, a Republic and not a monarchist state. I heard one of the song she sings about a lady from Knock, in the west of Ireland whom she was calling in her song, Queen of Ireland.

    Dear Dana, republic’s don’t have kings or queens!

  • Greenflag

    Procrasnow ‘

    ‘Dear Dana, republic’s don’t have kings or queens!’

    You might think that and you might even persuade Dana of your constitutionally semantic accuracy – but in the real world I personally know of a Republic that may be on the verge of electing a Queen as it’s President ;)?

    Not that I’m knocking the right of any queen to be a president or vice versa but right now the wurld is in a state of chassis almost as bad as it was back in Joxer Daly’s time in 1916 and all kinds of everything are not only possible but according to some even desirable ?

  • Cynic2


    So you don’t like gay people. Anyone else you want to vilify because of what they are rather than what they do or believe?

  • Cynic2

    ” the f**kers may have to climb the trees.”

    Didn’t the English steal them all?

  • andnowwhat

    Are you not thinking of Scotland and the Hebrides Cynic?

  • Munsterview

    Cynic2 : ” the f**kers may have to climb the trees.”
    Didn’t the English steal them all?

    Nah cynic2, still got plenty f**kers, enough for a healthy export trade in fact without endangering supply or need for a breeding program and that is only the Fine Gael lot !

  • wee buns

    Between Dana, blessed-be-she-amongst-weemen, and Mary Davis who has crafted herself on a Special Kay breakfast cereal ad….
    Jebus frankly I am torn.

  • Rory Carr

    Although I am as yet unable to view the special presidential election live debate on the Late Late Show I have been following those following it over at Politics.ie and the surprise of the evening by all accounts appears to have been Dana who impressed friend, foe and neutral observer alike with a well crafted performance.

    McGuinnness seems to have done well in the debate stage but, as might be expected, less well under interview (With Ryan Turbidy). Higgins didn’t do anything wrong but his age is starting to make a negative impact..

    Gallagher gained some supporters but both Davis and Mitchell bombed absolutely by general concensus, with most commenters expecting them to be knocked out at a very early stage.

    Norris, it was generally agreed, made an absolute tit of himself and is haemorraging support with his every shrill utterance by all accounts.

    Verdict – it’s between Higgins and McGuinness with Dana proving very strong.

  • Munsterview

    Rory : I see it and you are calling it about right.

    Dana was impressive and she did not beat about the bush when asked as to what she would do with a bill that went against her beliefs, she said without hesitation that she would refuse to sign it. Simplistic maybe but it impacted with the audience and they appreciated her frankness.

    Mitchell is indeed proving to be a bit of a tit and I do know that many in Rural Munster FG will not vote for him. There are now SF C of I people in East Cork that have FG parents and Grandparents. That may cause a bit of head scratching to outsiders but not to those who know FG Munster ethos. Some of these FG feel the same way about ‘Dublin’ i.e. the Pale Establishment as I do and there may be a few suprising votes coming Martin’s way from these sources.

  • Rory Carr

    There might be something in what you say, Munsterview. Up early for the rugby, I had a quick look at a Dana thread on Politics.ie and one contributor, who goes by the nom de plume, True Republican, would you believe, posted the following notice of his voting intentions:

    “i’m giving dana a number 3 preference, i’m voting mcguinness number 1, mitchell number 2 and then dana number 3.”

    Somehow there is something slightly weird for me in that determination and it is not just the total absence of capital letters. It is quite common for people to support two football teams, say, like the singer Rod Stewart – Man Utd and Celtic, which is also a popular combination with Irish nationalists or Man Utd and Rangers, the pick of loyalist footie fans. I like Arsenal and Barca as do many of my compadres in North London but never, ever did I meet someone who supported both Arsenal and Spurs. It’s just not done. It is almost obscene to contemplate. So it is with the very idea of this True Republican fellow’s preferences –

    McGuinness:1; Mitchell:2.

    I am actually beginning to wonder whether or not an attribute such as McGuiness’s superior physicality. his imposing height, so obvious when placed beside the other candidates might not count for so much more with the punters at the end of the day than all the fine points of waffle fine-combed through here and in newspaper columns and on radio and television put together.

  • Cynic2

    “Nah cynic2, still got plenty f**kers, enough for a healthy export trade ”

    That’s Humane Vitae for you!”

  • Greenflag

    @ cynic2,

    ‘So you don’t like gay people. ‘

    I don’t ? Where did I say that ? Lighten up man ffs . When I vote it will not be on the basis of gender preference or political party not on this occasion and truth to tell my preferences for 1,2,3,4 are still ajumble though I’m more certain of the 5,6,7 . They all deserve a vote for providing us with much needed almost comic relief as winter closes in.

    I could of course follow your example and conclude by your link directly above that you don’t like Catholics just because they ‘breed ‘ or used to breed like rabbits, but I know our official parking meter ticket issuer will already be gathering the yellow paint brush . Can’t be having double standards can we ? Or can we ?

  • I only occasionally dip into politics down south but I watched the presidential debate. Curiously the two best performers to my mind were the two outsiders according to Paddy power (see below), and Mary Davis a clear loser

    Dana Rosemary Scallon, 50/1
    Seán Gallagher, 40/1

    Gay Mitchell, 8/1
    David Norris, 4/1
    Martin McGuinness, 9/2
    Michael D. Higgins, 4/7

    Mary Davis 9/1

    There was very little audience reaction, once when Dana said she couldn’t remember the cost of her war chest 14 years back the audience voiced their disbelief but she in turn didn’t react and explained matter of factly why not. No reaction at all to McGuiness’s name dropping, nor indeed to Mitchell’s jibe that McGuiness was no Mandela. Very very quiet for an irish audience.

    Ryan Turbridy did well and the format was a pleasant change being much more pacy and random, Turbridy was at home in the shooting gallery and it was rapid fire. I hope he gets another crack and is allowed to probe a little harder, he’s certainly capable.

  • Rory Carr

    What would be so wrong about not liking gay people anyway?

    I can think of quite a number of gay people that I do not like at all and a couple that I absolutely detest. But then that is also true of a number of people of my acquaintance who are exclusively heterosexual (or at least, say that they are ).

    I really like Julian Clery (a.k.a. The Joan Collins Fan Club) and Boy George, but I can’t stand Peter Ackroyd whom I yet acknowledge to be a supremely gifted writer, nor do I have a high opinion of Senator Norris whose voice irritates the hell out of me. But then I don’t expect either care very much either way.

    The question is: were I to have a vote in the forthcoming election would I be so venal as to deny Senator Norris a high preference on the basis that his voice irritates me? The answer, I am ashamed to tell you, is “Yes !” I would. I am that shallow.

    Perhaps if Norris were able to convince me of his possession of some outstanding ability, a legacy of commitment to the welfare of the dispossessed above all , or an impressive or noble character trait of one sort or the other, then I might be prepared to ignore that voice (“Might”, I said, “Might” !), but, honest-to-God, I don’t really know if I could.

    The thing of it is, if this is true of someone like myself who would like to think of himself as having a fairly dispassionate, objective, look-at-the-issues sort of attitude to all things political then how much more true is it likely to be of the less avidly political Mick and Mary Punter who surely make up the great bulk of the electorate?

    Rather a lot, I am obliged to conclude and, truth be told, I am swayed by the impression that Dana clearly made on the Politics.ie mob last night with her live sock-it-to-’em performance on The Late Late Show. Commenter after commenter on that site were relating how impressed they were by her performance against their previous antipathy to her image, her adherence to her Catholic faith and her general air of niceness, and her soft wee voice, which is after all so uncool. But it wowed them in the aisles and she is certainly going to figure to the detriment of Mitchell, Davis and even Gallagher.

    Norris’s voice, on the other hand, pissed off the punters no end and he was losing support, faster than Wayne Rooney losing his hair, every time he opened his mouth.

  • Cynic2

    “Can’t be having double standards can we ? Or can we ?”

    Having been banned for a week for calling an argument ‘specious’ you have my sympathy. But if you look further back you will see my link on the Protestant attitude. Its all called satire.

  • Cynic2

    Marty has gone up in the world.

    Does Charles just want an audience with him, perhaps to award him an OBE for his work in the Community or , like so many other victims, just to ask him just why his ‘movement’ murdered his Uncle Dickie?

  • Greenflag

    @ cynic 2,

    ‘ Having been banned for a week for calling an argument ‘specious’ you have my sympathy. ‘

    Well thanks but at this stage I have to say the ‘yellow card ‘ has almost become a merit badge and the red possibly even the equivalent of the VC in blogging terms . There appears to be little rhyme or reason and it’s never spelled out so that any one reading will just note that for a few days a certain x has all his/her posts ‘yellowed’ with no indication as to which one was the offending one nor any reason why?

    Not that I’m against the idea per se of red and yellow but it needs a radical reforming i.m.o. It would be helpful I think if only the ‘offending /offensive post was highlighted instead of all that commmenter’s posts for that just makes a nonsense of the punishment and confuses not just the poster but other readers . Also it would be helpful if any highlighted yellow or red post had a very brief code also attached along with the highlight such as and these are just examples and they don’t need to be more than a half a dozen which could be referred to on a link on the rhs of main page

    a) Playing the man
    b) Off thread topic
    c) Possibly litigious
    d) Deemed particularly offensive to a particular race , religion or ethnic minority or majority or gender .
    e) not just irrelevant but seen as deliberately diverting the thread topic into areas where it’s not supposed to go .
    f) Does not fit in with ‘editorial ‘ political preferences .

    All that would be needed is to post the a) or b) or c) etc of the above ‘examples ‘ with the highlighted post and the offender and those reading it would have at least something to go on and could take up the issue via e-mail if they felt it was incorrect or unwarranted etc . As it is its the equivalent of that Victorian Age school punishment whereby if one boy broke the rules and nobody fessed up then everybody got whacked .

    As to your satire I’m not sure satire is yet verboten on Slugger but it seems clear that some of the bloggers are uncomfortable with the format . I actually enjoy some of your barbs for what it’s worth . Others might of course not even notice the satire and others might pretend not to notice .

  • Greenflag

    @ rory

    ‘would I be so venal as to deny Senator Norris a high preference on the basis that his voice irritates me? The answer, I am ashamed to tell you, is “Yes !” I would. I am that shallow.’

    Higgin’s voice and speech pattern annoys me and to a lesser extent ditto for Norris , McGuinness , and Dana’s ‘religiosity ‘ I find ‘irritating ‘ but they will probably all get a higher preference than those whose speech pattern is more similar to my own 😉

    I guess if this proves anything it proves that I’m not as shallow as your less than good self 😉

    Mind you those 50/1 odds for Dana look inviting but those 4/7 on Higgins look like making a lot of money for Paddy Power.

    McGuiness at 9/2 looks like a nice return on investment and with the meeja doing their bit for him from what I can see he might yet pip them at the post.

  • Cynic2

    By the way why does Dana look so young in the poster?

  • Nunoftheabove


    Must be her clear conscience. It’s the sign of a true professional though that she can smile so sweetly with such shocking heartburn.

  • Rory Carr

    One of the more important signs that a candidate for canonisation may in fact be deemed worthy is an absence of any corporeal corruption upon exhumation of the remains.In other words, the body will show no signs of decay.

    It may then be that those who are surely destined for sainthood might display a remarkable youthfullness about their appearance while yet living.

    Or they could just be Mary Davis.

  • wee buns

    Aye, Davis’ campaign bus plastered with her image – size ten breakfast cereal style – stopped here, which is supposed to make us gasp ‘doesn’t she look trim & wonderful’ (which she does) but most of us recognize an outrageously expensive designer dress when we see one. Can she equally pull off a Dunnes Store swimsuit or skinny jeans we must ask ourselves.
    When Norris’ high pitched yammer emits from the radio it propels me as if by lightning across the room for the ‘off’ switch – I’m afraid if he devoted the remainder of his life to eradicating world hunger he couldn’t win my vote.

  • Rory Carr

    My attention has just been directed to what I sinecerely trust is a misreading by Cynic of a phrase I used tongue-in-cheek in my first contribution above.

    That phrase was ” Proddy black propaganda” which Cynic then, in a riposte, misquoted as, “Black Proddy Propaganda”

    . See? I ‘blacken’ the propaganda, not the Proddies. Not even in jest.

    No harm done but, nevertheless, matter of record and all that…

  • sonofstrongbow

    Dana may as well forget about being the God-fearing candidate of choice. MMcG”s spiritual mentor David Latimer has just delivered more words from the mountain on Marty’s run for Irish President on Radio Ulster.

    David informed the listeners that he gets his “instructions directly from God” and then went on to liken Marty to Saint Paul. Seamus Close, another guest on the show, was stunned into declaring Mr Latimer’s piece “the most powerful party political broadcast for Martin McGuinness and Sinn Fein”.

    Now there is no way Dana can trump that. I expect the Virgin Mary’s statue at Knock to declare for Marty within the week.

  • Munsterview

    Wee Buns : “…but most of us recognize an outrageously expensive designer dress when we see one. Can she equally pull off a Dunnes Store swimsuit or skinny jeans we must ask ourselves…”

    Ah come on thats not worthy of you ! If Mary is elected she will not be spending too much time in ‘Dunnes Stores Gear’, she will become a walking clothes horse for the Irish Fashion Industry with no shortage of free clothes from Ireland’s top and upcoming designers.

    I respect what Mary did and I am not too particular concerned about her ‘designer clothes’ as I am about her linkages with multi-millionair Denis O’Brien and the Indo Group.

    Of course she could easily end all this ‘designer clothes’ sniping by doing a naked pose for one of the Sunday Magazines and proving that she do not need expensive clothes to look good. That would also put clear water between herself and Dana, I do not think the Derry Lass would go down that road!

    Will one of her supporters reading this please pass on the idea to her campaign team ?

  • Munsterview

    Son of : I would have thought that St Peter would be more appropiate ?

    Incidently could you explain this ‘God and Presbetarians’ direct line for us as he seems to have a different message for Paselyite Prespetarians regarding Marty to what he is giving to David Latimers group.

    Is it possible that the Unionists have got even God confused about where he stands on the ‘Ulster question’ ?

  • wee buns


    It’s a terrible blow you strike to the relaxed mind by suggesting candidates appear naked…

    That Norris & Davis both smack of designer frocks rules them out as attractive to a recession steeped populous.
    The more vehemently McG is attacked re his past the more favors it does him (plus the offer to take a low wage) and I rate his chances of a possible win better this week.
    While Dana sits back and plays the humility card to her advantage.

  • Cynic2


    We Proddies are too thick (skinned) from centuries of religious oppression to take offence. Rest easy

  • Munsterview

    Cynic2 : while on the subject of ‘Proddies’ it seems that Rihanna’s tits are continuing to make a bigger ‘Tit’ out of the local DUP Councillor.

    Talk about not only looking a gift horse in the mouth, but lifting it’s tail and poking it in the rectum as well !

    If that was Danny Healy Rae, or even the Bold Jackie himself, they would have stripped off and romped around the barly field with Rihanna, putting their area of Kerry on the world map for a month at least.


  • Munsterview

    Wee Buns : “…It’s a terrible blow you strike to the relaxed mind by suggesting candidates appear naked…”

    Just the women, just the women !

    There are some things that Irish Society is not prepared for and there have been too many shocks to the Irish National psyche with recent events, it needs time to recover. I think the sight of a Naked Norris prancing around spouting Joyce may be just a bridge too far at this time?

    Mary on the other hand….. well as long as she do not choose a field of barley as a backdrop, that could prove problematic !