Is Newt on the Ball? – Unionist support Dana!

I will confess I’m loving the Presidential election, mainly because it is of little real relevance , but close enough to home to be interesting, and not least often amusing. Now that we know the final seven, yes SEVEN, candidates I have decided that I am going to support Dana, probably as the underdog in the race as much as anything, but still with a remote chance.  It seems I am not the only Unionist thinking this way as this article by Newton Emerson in the Irish Times illustrates.  As is often the case his insight can be pretty close to the bone, here are a few samples of reasons for Unionists (obviously with under duress) to vote Dana for those too lazy to click the link!

“1 Dana and Martin McGuinness were born within a year of each other and grew up in the same working-class housing estate in Derry, yet Dana did not join the IRA. This proves there was never any social, political or historical inevitability about Martin McGuinness joining the IRA.

2 Dana has murdered several songs, but always on the record.

3 Dana was actually born in London, so a brief biography of her childhood can get the words “London” and “Derry” quite close together, as in “London-born Derry singer Dana”. Technically, this also makes her even more British than Mary McAleese.

4 Dana is a proper Catholic. Proper Protestants respect this. It’s lapsed Catholics we don’t trust.

5 Dana’s husband was involved in the Catholic Church’s charismatic renewal movement in the 1970s, making him one accident of birth away from being a proper Protestant himself.”

There are another 10 on web site.

PS. with regards the other North West candidate, part of me almost wants him to win, just to get him out of the road and see how SF operates without its big two, plus it has the potential of being a poison chalice for them.  On the other hand I would much rather see him fail  miserably, by which I mean less than 15% of the vote.  A close second would be the best outcome for SF in my opinion, oh what fun.