SDLP Leadership: Reader’s Poll…

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Okay, this is just for fun. Who’s going to be the next leader of the SDLP… The Bookies have their view…

But what’s yours… And, please, try to resist the temptation to ‘game’ the result in your own political favour… (I know, I know…)

  • leftofcentre

    Should there not be two questions in the poll?

    1: Who would you vote for as leader?
    2: Who do you think will win?

    Two very different things.

  • Drumlins Rock

    when do we find out the result?

  • Yeah, where do we see what the result of this poll looks like?

  • michael-mcivor

    I think Patsy Mcglone will walk it- he is the leader that the s.d.l.p need- but i hope Mcdonnell gets it- if there is one leader that could be worse than Ritchie, it is him-

  • This was done yesterday and was won by McGlone by far.

    There should really be two questions.

    Who do you think WILL win and who do you think SHOULD win.

    I would have two very different answers there and it would be interesting to compare the two polls.

  • FuturePhysicist

    Who do you think WILL win and who do you think SHOULD win.

    Person with the most SDLP delegate votes on both occasions.

  • Mick Fealty

    182 have participated so far. I’m going to leave it open over the weekend, and give it to the end of Monday before announcing the results. I’m deliberately not telling people how it is going, because I don’t want to encourage lobbying.

    I also wanted to keep the choices simple as possible… Usual caveats on internet polling… generally I rate them only as a piece of fun… But I was keen to test these against the bookies odds, and so far they are not matching…

    Also, as pointed out above, it does not matter what we net denizens think, its the delegates. And having tried to access the net from various parts of the country beyond the Belfast Bubble, I don’t think many of those will have registered their opinion here.

  • Sean Og

    I think the bookies would have had McDonnell favourite last time out by a bit. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to Paddy Power in this rece.

    This is an election that is hard to call because there are 4 candidates and the electorate is very small. 2nd preferences will decide it I think.

  • Drumlins Rock

    have heard some talk that McDonnell is doing quite well on the hustings, with a strong economic message, its a two hourse race really, but could be a photo finish.

  • Mick Fealty

    It’s now up to 346 responses! I’d like to push it a good bit higher before close of play Monday.

  • Sean Og

    How many now?

  • Mick Fealty

    418, though it’s been languishing below the fold, so I’ve just bumped to encourage those who’ve not yet voted to get up there and do so…

  • Well thats more than actually voted in the last “real” Leadership contest. As we always agonise about the turnout conferring legitimacy on an election, we should of course be made aware of the “electorate” which would be the number of registered users on Slugger.
    And can we have a similar poll in relation to the Presidential Election?

  • Neil

    we should of course be made aware of the “electorate” which would be the number of registered users on Slugger.

    Which could be half the number of actual people, taking into account sock pupeteers and split personalities.

  • I cant believe that people have more than one account.
    But four of my other six accounts say that youre right 😉

    But it seems that “turnout” is an important part in any election.
    Of the 418, only a small proportion are likely to have a “real vote” on 5th November. I certainly dont.

    Quite possibly the number of registered users who have a vote in the Presidential Election is higher.
    The problem with this particular poll is that it is based on the assumption that all those nominated will actually contest the Election.

  • I suppose turnout would only be relevant if we were really trying to take a representative sample, which we aren’t.

    Operative term was “just for fun”.

    But an Irish Presidential poll, if pushed properly, could provide a representative sample of voting patterns were Northerners given the right to vote.

  • Mick Fealty

    Don’t even go there lads… I’m not pretending that it’s anything other than a fun crowd sourcing exercise… it may not test anything other than the interest the candidates may having canvassing internet polls like this one… and their capacity to generate online numbers…

    I will try to get something up as close to 5pm as I possibly can…

  • So we must ensure that nobody treats it anything other than fun…….when the results are announced.
    Of course if the Voters actually get it wrong about who is most likely to win….it will be a big knock to the Slugger reputation for political acumen.

  • Emmetgrogan

    Is there not a third question? Does anyone not living in south belfast actually care?