“Let’s raise a single eyebrow to our next president.”

In the Irish Times, Ann Marie Hourihane identifies the best candidate for the job – Sir Roger Moore.

Roger Moore is handsome; he looks great in a blazer, which is not as easy as you might think. He is good humoured and has charidee experience as a Unicef goodwill ambassador, a role which he has filled for the past 20 years, and of which he is justifiably proud.

He has a history of violence – The Saint, The Persuaders , a bit of James Bond . He also has a history that looks more than a little gay – The Saint, The Persuaders , almost all of James Bond, and a marriage to a singer called Dorothy Squires.

If only Roger had a history of flirtation with the far right, had briefly appeared on the television programme Dragons’ Den , and been dumped by the political party that was supposed to be supporting him, then he would have something in common with each of the declared presidential candidates so far.

But it is what distinguishes Roger from all the declared presidential candidates so far that makes him such a winner. Roger is self-deprecating. He is modest. He doesn’t think that he knows best. Or if he does think so he hides it. Roger is an actor; he doesn’t believe in sincerity. And sincerity is what has ruined the presidential race. We are sick of it before it has even begun.

[And you know what they say about sincerity… – Ed]  Heh.  Read the whole thing.