And the winner was …

Haiti was the real winner at last night’s Great Big Politics Pub Quiz where just over £1000 pounds was raised to support the rebuilding of homes on Haiti through Haven Partnership.

Over a hundred political anoraks (and friends) gathered in Belfast’s Black Box to tough their way through seven rounds of questions. Which team would have a combined knowledge that could span across international politics, political history, the politics of UK and Ireland, popular culture and the brilliance to decipher Moochin’s fabulous photo round? Looking at the scores, the answer was none. No team dominated all the categories. The questions were (a bit) easier and the scores were (a lot) higher.

Guest quiz masters from across the political spectrum and local media ad-libbed their way through the question rounds and proved to be good sports: Carál Ní Chuilín, Naomi Long, Mark Devenport, Steven Agnew, Jim Wells, Basil McCrea. Tim McGarry kept the crowd laughing, and Patrick Corrigan kept everything to time as he sat in the Speakers’ chair on stage.

A stewards enquiry will be held to understand how Alliance squeezed 8 or 10 around their table, how Jim Wells’ table came up with the same name as the UUP table behind, and why so few people have learnt the years in which the political parties on this island were formed! Full quiz results below.

The quiz turned into quite a battle, with last year’s winners Stoops to Conquer (SDLP) creeping up the ranks to snap at the tails of St Simon’s Total Intransigence (mostly UUP youth) who led from the start.

Perhaps it was a sign of the current political times? Perhaps it was a victory for Platform for Change (though the picture round proved poor recognition for PfC’s Robin Wilson!)? Perhaps it was a sign that the SDLP and UUP could win quizzes easier than they can win votes?

The result was a tie – a coalition – with two teams on 80 points, well ahead of the rest of the room! So St Simon’s Total Intransigence and Stoops to Conquer got to share the spoils that had been donated by Stratagem. You can hear their reaction in the clip above. Update – you can also hear Eunan McConville’s report from the quiz on Good Morning Ulster (auto-starts at 1h22m13s).

A big thank you to Patrick for organising the event, Stratagem for two cardboard boxes of political books and DVDs, Mark for enforcing the entrance tax, those who set questions, the markers for an evening squinting at the answer sheets, Black Box for the venue and being so helpful, and everyone who attended.

Great fun … and a great result for Haiti.

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  • Dewi

    Question 1 for next year:

    How many of last year’s team names contained “Gobshite”, “West Brit” or both….?

  • Many thanks to everyone who made last night’s Haiti fundraiser such a success, not least Alan himself, who single-handedly complied the video round, provided and ran the techno side of things, provided the running bar-chart league tables and managed to create the above multimedia blog report before breakfast – phew!

    Kudos and thanks to everyone named in Alan’s report. Maybe we’ll do it all again next year – any other ideas?

  • Drumlins Rock

    not content with stealing our members, our voters and our leading position the DUP had to steal our quiz name too 🙁

  • I dont suppose Platform for Change could have a Quiz team. They would insist on asking their own questions………and even then they would not know the answers.
    And even then look around and say “I hope there are no journalists here to report this”

  • Greenflag

    They should have a prize for the best named ‘team’

    And based on the above listing I’d say the St Simon’s Total Intransigence would edge out the Titanic Deck Chair attendants by a short

    Well done the organisers , questioners, answerers etc 🙂

  • Drumlins Rock

    Greenflag, they had a prize last year, don’t know why there was none this time, but St Simon’s was a clinker if I say so myself 😉

  • Curmudgeon

    Making up as I do, one full quarter of the mighty ‘Titanic Deckchair Attendants’ I take great exception to Greenflag’s predictions. IF we’d have only got our video quiz answers in, I’m sure we’d’ve been championship contenders… Mind you, I havn’t stopped KICKING myself for not knowing the name of the er… “Vice Chair of the Education Commitee” (??) Still, at least we beat “Salami International”, even if this was (presumably) coz they buggered off to the Duke of York after two rounds. Splendid evening nevertheless, well done & thanks to all involved.

  • SDLP supporter

    is there any chance that the Quiz team could post the questions and answers in due course? it was a well-organised nit that reflects credit on all concerned.

  • FuturePhysicist

    There was an SDLP leadership debate at the same time, I’m a bit worried that STC was a bit understrength.

  • SDLP supporter

    Ha, Future Physicist, that hustings was for SDLP Youth for, I believe, thirty year olds and under. Four of the five person team fitted that category.

  • SDLP Supporter,
    The event was hosted by SDLP Youth but was open to all members of the SDLP.

  • Ceist

    Any chance of sticking the questions up online ?

  • Drumlins Rock

    The UUP had 3 teams, or was it four, and still won. Just like the good old days, divide and conquer! umm, maybe we got that tactic a bit mixed up….