Where have all Sinn Fein’s TD donations gone?

Here’s another little thread of interest from Gerard Cunningham… It seems that there is no record of any Sinn Fein TD having made a donation to their party, or a least that bit of it that organises within the Republic:

I telephoned SIPO (Standards in Public Office Commission) asking them about donations by Sinn Féin TDs and senators. SIPO have replied to me, saying they have “no record of receiving a section 24(1A) donation statement from any elected member of Sinn Féin.”

They add that they’d “be happy to examine any information that would support a claim that a section 24(1A) donation statement should have been furnished to it by anyone.”

Gerard has put a request for further information into Sinn Fein party HQ and is awaiting some answers. He’s been chipping away at this story for a while now… It may be some time before he gets an answer…