McDevitt registering a friendly base within the SDLP?

Ken Reid notes that the nominations for leader of the SDLP close tomorrow. And it seems Conall McDevitt may be contemplating something, if not an official move then signalling the beginnings of a power base within the party…

The South Belfast MLA is keeping his cards close to his chest but my information is five and probably six branches are prepared to nominate him. It could be quite a battle before the leadership election at the party conference in Belfast in early November.

Like the Sinn Fein nomination for the Irish Presidential bid, it’s mere speculation at this stage, but five or six branches would not be enough in a two horse race. It might make things more interesting in a three way split. And it might also be read as an expression longer term interest in a future leadership race.

A matter of registering interest, whilst in the meantime building support and capacity.