Lennon’s Tynecastle attacker sentenced to eight months…

There was a hell of a hoo ha about the Scottish jury when they passed a verdict of not proven against the football fan who attacked Neil Lennon when Celtic played Hearts at Tynecastle in Edinburgh.

Yet, as the excellent Lallands Peat Worrier notes, that was not the eond of theo matter, he was convicted of a breach of the peace:

Having deleted the religious aggravations, and acquitted John Wilson of assault, it should be recalled that the jury did return a guilty verdict on one charge, condemning Wilson’s conduct as a breach of the peace. Today, the presiding Sheriff, Fiona Reith QC, passed sentence on Wilson, handing down an eight month term in prison, reduced from the year she would have imposed, had Wilson not been willing to plead guilty to the charge from the outset – a plea rejected by the Crown.

  • Irishlassabroad

    True but the sentence was backdated and the man has now been freed from prison

  • It’s also worth pointing out this too: “Under threat of criminal sanctions, Wilson is to be banned from football stadia for five years.”

    According LPW, there have been only 101 banning orders in Scotland compared with 2769 in England and Wales since the 2006 Act was put into practice. Have the Scots been too lenient?

  • Shy Talk

    Nevin – Given the falling attendences in Scotland, even for the Glasgow clubs, perhaps Scottish football cant afford to be handing out the banning orders.

  • Shy Talk

    I’m still really surprised about the Assault with added sectarianism charge being found not proven. Its clearly an assault and the sectarian element was only added because Hearts head of security heard him shout “you fenian bassa” or words to that effect. Wilson said he didnt and the jury seem to have taken the word of someone who had admitted to drunkenly launching himself at Lennon with the intention of hitting him over the word of a security professional. Poor decision by the Jury it seems to me. Although I ‘ll admit I dont know the full evidence laid out in the trial.

  • redhugh78

    Scotland – Where confronting Rangers fans will see you receive a harsher punsihment than attacking the Celtic

    ‘Manchester United football fan banned for 10 years’

    A Manchester United fan has been given one of the longest football banning orders issued by a Scottish court.

    Matthew Bolton, 26, admitted breaching the peace before his club’s Champions League match against Rangers at Ibrox stadium on 24 November 2010.

    At Glasgow Sheriff Court, he was banned from all UK football matches for 10 years and jailed for nine months.

    Bolton, from Rowley Regis, in the West Midlands, has previous football-related convictions from English courts.

    The incident took place at the junction of Copland Road and Woodville Road, near to the subway station, at about 1830 GMT.

    At the time, the street was busy with football fans who were on their way to the game.

    Bolton was among a group of Manchester United fans who were causing a disturbance, and he broke through a cordon of police officers and police horses to get to Rangers fans passing by at the time.

    Area Procurator Fiscal for Glasgow, Lesley Thomson, said: “Prosecutors will continue to work with the police to take whatever measures are necessary to protect genuine fans from criminal behaviour while attending football matches.”

  • Shy Talk

    Redhugh – Sounds like that guy needs locking up. You dont need bams like that at football matches. Probably didnt even realise that the police line was there to protect him from the locals.

  • between the bridges

    slightly ( if it’s completely i am sorry), just wonder how a Scottish football thug rates his own blog on slugger and the attempted murder of a doctor and a policeman doesn’t?