Lennon’s Tynecastle attacker sentenced to eight months…

There was a hell of a hoo ha about the Scottish jury when they passed a verdict of not proven against the football fan who attacked Neil Lennon when Celtic played Hearts at Tynecastle in Edinburgh.

Yet, as the excellent Lallands Peat Worrier notes, that was not the eond of theo matter, he was convicted of a breach of the peace:

Having deleted the religious aggravations, and acquitted John Wilson of assault, it should be recalled that the jury did return a guilty verdict on one charge, condemning Wilson’s conduct as a breach of the peace. Today, the presiding Sheriff, Fiona Reith QC, passed sentence on Wilson, handing down an eight month term in prison, reduced from the year she would have imposed, had Wilson not been willing to plead guilty to the charge from the outset – a plea rejected by the Crown.