Boundary Review: Belfast North and Belfast South West…

Okay on with the next one… here’s the two more controversial constitutencies… Ward data here… Demographics here… And this is the more general picture with old and new boundaries

Belfast North (map)

At the review date of 1 December 2010, the electorate of Belfast North was 66,825, which is 9,816 short of the quota. The Commission proposes the transfer of the wards of Glencairn, Highfield and
Shankill from Belfast West giving an electorate of 74,783, which is 2.4% below the quota.

Belfast South West (map):

The electorate of BelfastWest at the review date was 60,520. The proposed transfer of three wards to Belfast North means that transfers from elsewhere are needed to provide a quota. The Commission proposes that the wards of Blackstaff, Musgrave, Finaghy, Upper Malone, Malone, Windsor and Shaftesbury be transferred from the current Belfast South constituency to a new constituency of Belfast SouthWest giving an electorate of 74,269, which is 3.1% below the quota.

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