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Translink have made a few changes. I have issues with their website.

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  • Comrade Stalin

    Utterly pointless is my opinion. Donegall Sq has been acting as a bus terminus for decades. Why change it now ? Where’s the benefit in scattering all the terminating bus stops across a wider area ??

  • Because the black taxi’s are getting a rank

  • which hasn’t been mentioned once on radio ulster. Hardly a policy to encourage more use of public transport

  • Mick Fealty

    Can we have a link Mooch. The photo is a tad esoteric given the actual subject.

  • link added

  • andnowwhat

    A caller to Nolan has just told him that the last bus to Duncrue is at 1:30. Apparently she starts work at 4:30 and has no alternative.

    The fun bit is that there are buses around 5 coming from Duncrue which, they are looking in to, might be empty on the trip out.

  • Neil

    I have issues with Translink (really awful service for a top end price), but you’re right their web site is a disaster area. Journey Planner sucks, big time.

  • CommentOnStats

    Journey Planner so awful that I found myself looking for information under the appropriate bus numbers on their site instead.

    Strangely, to put all that detailed information about start and end points into Journey Planner must have taken a lot of time and presumably a fair bit of money too. Money and time spent on gimmicks and candy floss that could have been better spent elsewhere, like the bus to Duncrue. Sorry but anyway that’s my opinion.

  • lamhdearg

    the westland and carrs-glen bus stops are now beside the west belfast bus stops, hmm.

  • Fearglic

    journey planner always worked for me.. translink good on ye… a great job. keep it up.. £1.10 a journey cant whack it and the irish language on the falls. just class. maith síbh