The British Blundering Corporation strikes once again…

… or something altogether more sinister??!

Whatever; licence payers in British Ulster have a right to know why they have been unilaterally handed over to the Republic without so much of a squeek about “consent principles”, “Belfast Agreements”….etc

(Hat-tip to the Campaign for an English Parliament)


All now sorted, from a N.Irish point of view anyway:

North Belfast DUP MP Nigel Dodds has received a letter from BBC Director General Mark Thompson apologising for the incorrect use of a Republic of Ireland tricolour to denote Northern Ireland in a recent BBC programme. Nigel Dodds wrote to the Director General after being contacted by a constituent who pointed out that in the BBC4 programme “Back at Sea”, presented by Timothy Spall and broadcast in August, a map charting the boat’s journey featured Welsh, Scottish, English and Manx flags, but used a graphic of a Republic of Ireland tricolour for Northern Ireland.

I guess after Nigel’s sterling efforts, it would be churlish to point out that England was actually represented by the Union flag and not the Cross of St George as he implied…


A UK Unionist and also confirmed devo-sceptic.
I believe the creation of devolved “governments” in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, along with the corresponding unsolved “English Question”, has weakened that Union.

The present-day Conservative Party would be the national party which would come closest to representing my political beliefs. I have previously belonged to the “Friends of the Conservatives” and the UUP but am no longer connected with either party.

Outside of my Unionism, I consider myself as an economic libertarian, social liberal and secularist- e’g. am pro-choice, anti-schools segregated on the grounds of (parents’) religious beliefs.

Very suspicious of NI’s Human Rights’ Oligarchy (in particular the NIHRC) and hope to be writing on this topic, as well as wider UK and European political issues.