Quote of the day: “Isn’t this where you used to meet Gerry Adams?”

From David Hare’s spy drama Page Eight, broadcast tonight on BBC2.  A senior MI5 officer, Johnny Worricker, played by Bill Nighy, is investigating the sudden death of his close friend, and Director General of MI5, Benedict Baron [Michael Gambon].  In the aftermath of the death, a journalist, Rollo Maverley [Ewen Bremner], who is also an MI5 operative paid to release information into the public domain, arranges a meeting at an anonymous motorway diner.  The following exchange takes place.

[Johnny Worricker]: ” A ‘Road House’?  Rather a come-down isn’t it?

[Rollo Maverley]: “Isn’t this where you used to meet Gerry Adams?”

[Johnny Worricker]: “Is it, Rollo?  You’d know better than me.”

[Rollo Maverley]: “So, who are you this time?”

[Johnny Worricker]: “My name’s Eliot.  After the poet.”

Heh.  Well, the current DG of MI5 does have experience in this area…