NI Electricity consumers face price hike…

Ironically, no sooner is there some decent competition in the energy market in Northern Ireand, than there is a major price hike…

  • Rory Carr

    I do hope that energy consumers in Northern Ireland are not dwelling in anticipatory excitement fuelled by the myth that “decent competition” in the energy sector will somehow equate to a reduction in their bills.

    They will, as we in Britian have found, make an initial choice of supplier believing it to be the cheapest only to find that no sooner are they into the contract than the price hikes up. So they then will shift to another isupplier who has been importunately canvassing for their custom with an enticing offer of cheaper energy (slightly cheaper than their present supplier but still much dearer than their original tariff). Then after a short while,”Whoosh!”, up goes the tariff agin and yet another supplier (perhaps even your original one) offers you a better deal.

    And so it continues, month after weary month as your head continues to spin almost as fast as your bank account spills on ever increasing charges.

    Why anyone ever imagined it would be otherwise escapes me. Did they somehow imagine that these multinational companies hellbent on providing the greatest return on investment for their shareholders would best do this by continually cutting their margins in competition with each other so that, while the consumer laughed as he turned the heat up higher and kept all the lamps burning all night long, the supplier would grin and bear the ever declining profits and reassure his shareholders with appeals to their social responsibility?

    No, the only way for all the competing suppliers to amke a healthy profit (and they all do make a healthy profit) is for the consumer to contribute via ever-increasing hikes in charges most especially so when their is a hike in oil prices but when there is a drop in world oil prices as recently then do we get a commensurate drop in energy charges? Is the pope a Baptist? You guessed it – we get another rise in prices coupled with some outlandish excuse as to why the oil price reduction cannot be passed on.

    One can however gain at least the impression of a saving every now and then by renegotaiting a tariff contract with one’s existing supplier under the threat of moving to another. But don’t get too excited, it doesn’t last long and they are sure to get you on the next round.

  • It is interesting to see how large companies can manipulate electricity markets, as Enron did. What we need are incentives to make it in the interests of these companies to support energy conservation, not increased use, more quickly than the higher prices will force business users to conserve energy.

  • iluvni

    …but..but…wont the ‘green new deal’ be the answer to everything….

  • PaulT

    Yet the NI train service with no competition offers the best value in the UK, as such had to be excluded from a recent govt paper on train francises.

    Thankfully there are some politicans detemined to keep NI water in public ownership so no profit taking from there (and as the widely (on slugger) threatened legal action from sacked NEDs haven’t happened no legal costs either)

    Anyhoo’s the ESB will be there soon an opportunity for a single infrastructure on electricity to make savings.

    Isn’t Power NI sluggers favourite go get em MLA’s old client, wonder if he’ll have a comment.

  • DC

    Well there’s always that chicken shit plant out in Glenavy to rely on.

  • HeinzGuderian

    I’m afraid whinging won’t change anything.
    Anywhooo,Global Warming will offset the rise in electricity and gas !! 😉