So what are you listening to right now?

Be it music or an audio book or the radio or tv or the chitter chatter of the particular environment that you find yourself browsing Slugger. What are you listening to? What’s on in the background as you surf slugger?
Right now, as i post this, i’m listening to CW.Stoneking. What about you?

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  • between the bridges

    alabama 3, hits and exit wounds….i said to jesus my name is johnny cash

  • I hope its not a trick question 🙂
    I should look at my playlist to select something cool. But the truthful answer is that I am listening to a BBC Radio Comedy Show from the 1960s called “Round the Horne”

    As a general rule its not a good idea to listen to music and post on Slugger. The Wolfe Tones make me go all Sinn Féin and Paddy Reilly makes me go SDLP.
    And Scott McKenzie makes me wanna go all mellow.

  • Dem boys know how to party btb.
    Why would you think it was a trick question fjh?
    Genuine question which can be answered on a rolling basis (with links etc) or not.

  • between the bridges

    MP…acid house country gospel blues the only way to go!

  • Mark

    Right now having just got back from Euro Disney without the wife , I’m listening to her giving out yards about been left at home . You have to love these EU regulations .

    I’m about to put on My Sharona by The Knack ……with my dear old mum being a Dr Hook fan , Sylvia’s mother is next .

  • A few minutes ago it was Bob Dylan – Blowing in the wind 1971. Around this time last night it was Christina Perri – Arms [youtube].

  • Mark

    Joe Cocker live ……

  • Maybe misusing guest blogger status but … Watching Quadrophenia, so a stonking soundtrack of Motown, the Who, and just now, Booker T and the MGs.

    I second the vote of confidence in the A3 BTW.

  • between the bridges

    and the operator says forty cents more for the next three minutes….

  • Mark

    Martin , I hear that …

    As a proud Mod back in the day , where do you start .

  • Drumlins Rock

    I’m listening to the drone of an old computer that is giving me tinnitus, I really must replace it.
    FJH, was Round the Horn the first broadcast of Polani?

  • Mark

    Pleeasse Mrs Avery I’ve just got to talk to her , I’ll only keep her a while …….lol

  • Well Mark, I’ll happily make room for the Drs – Cover of the Rolling Stone is a fave.

  • Mark

    Mirror in the bathroom is an all time fav but Paul Weller is King .

  • Polari not Polani Drumlins Rock…….er not that Id know
    But yes youre thinking of Julian & Sandy (Williams & Paddick) who got round BBC censorship with scripts (Took & Feldman) which relied heavily on “gay slang”.

    “we are solicitors……..we have a criminal practice”
    “yes Im sure you have”.

  • Mark

    I had a ticket for the Specials back in 83/84 but they backed out at the last minute . I still have the tonic suit which I wear for special occasions .

  • “Why would you think it was a trick question fjh?”

    just my suspicious mind Mr Photoman. 😉

  • Mark

    How could I forget Suspicious minds – Fine young cannibals …

  • Mark

    You’ll have to excuse my demented posting as I’ve been going through Slugger cold turkey in the last few days ….

  • Mark, I envy the suit. My only relic is an inch-wide grey knit tie. And I still wear desert boots!

  • Drumlins Rock

    I heard Dr Hook live in Newfoundland! strange person, strange place.

  • Here’s one for all yous rednecks: Randy Houser – Whistlin Dixie [youtube] 🙂

  • Pete Baker

    “What’s on in the background as you surf slugger?”


    As in, what’s the point of the question?

    Beyond filling non-empty space.

  • Mark

    Martin , I’ve been known to wear my trusted old parka with not much else on underneath but that’s for a different thread .

  • “Im the Urban Spaceman” Bonzo Dogg Dooh Dah Band.

  • I’m listening to the fan of my CPU cooler as the computer tries to cope with saving 3 broadcasts at the same time while it compresses Zulu to MP4. I like quiet at night.

  • I’m listening to my nearest and dearest telling me that I would enjoy life more if I went out to the front porch and listened to the crickets creaking and the bull frogs croaking.

  • carl marks

    Alan Stivell, Im of today might go lazy or might go for a wee dander (the Moyle way)

  • PJ Maybe

    I can just about distinguish, over the rasping death rattles of a website, the sound of the last dregs of a quango’s money being frittered away.

  • Reader

    Pete Baker: Why? As in, what’s the point of the question? Beyond filling non-empty space.
    Even considering Slugger as a purely political forum (the banner says that it isn’t); decent dialogue is helped by being able to see online adversaries as real people, with actual likes and dislikes, and even perhaps something in common.
    Mind you, I have nothing in common with people who actually like background noise while trying to think. I tend to filter it out – rather successfully. But if some day I want to cut loose, I’ll play stuff from The Who.

  • Mark

    Absolutely Reader ,

    P,P,P….Pete just tries to put us down when all we’re doing is T,T,T,alkin bout our generation…………..

  • Mick Fealty

    Heard CW last month at the Larmer Tree Festival, easily the best I heard over the weekend…

    I recommend this great piece of radio following the journey of Jasvinder Sanghera, a Sikh woman who concludes a pretty moving return to the house she grew up by making a really fascinating observation of the differences between community attitudes back in Punjab and the emigre community in Derby where her parents moved to…

    Went out this morning, but well worth going back to listen to at some point in the next seven days…

    Book of the week is Matthew Hollis’s new biography is an a very human and understated account of Edward Thomas’ critical last five years…

  • Mick Fealty

    PS, Can we have links please? That might give us the sense Pete’s craving?

  • I have to agree with Reader……and in so doing it actually proves his point to be absolutely true…….and in a forum about opinions it is impossible to say that someone is absolutely right.
    In this occasion Reader is absolutely right …….the simple fact that we have different and similar tastes in what we listen to……is absolute proof that behind the politics of unionism, nationalism, letsgetalongerism we are real live people.
    And lets be honest in August we are in the “silly season” for hard news (well except for phone hacking, riots and Yoorpeen and US economies going down the tubes) so no harm in this we thread.

    Regrettable that a thread inviting us to be a bit human is not appreciated by all, but Im sure we have all often been told that if we dont like a thread that isnt to our taste we should just……move on.

  • Mick Fealty


    Since it seems to be something of an obsession of yours, most of the C4/NI Screen money was a capital rather than a revenue *investment*.

    I’ve never taken Slugger’s future for granted. Any number of things could bring it to an end. But dependency upon the public purse is very unlikely to be a significant factor.

    Now, to return to the subject of the thread, what is it you’re listening to?

  • Mark

    Apologies for the lack of links Mick . There are two reasons for this . The first is I have no idea how to do so and any knowledge I have re computers is tailored to programs I use in work for the industry I’m involved in . While I have been reading Slugger on and off since it’s inception ( believe it or not ) , I only started to comment last year . But your right , a link does back up your post …. except on this occasion where a sense of fun and a bit of craic was all that was needed to take part on this thread .

    The second reason ( if your still reading ) is that I normally just give a light hearted opinion on general threads . Last year I got into a few scraps here and I realised what doctors , buddist monks and wiser heads than me have been telling me for years is true – that you can’t change how people feel regardless of how wrong you think they are …..and to keep trying is madness . I mean space and rockets don’t rock my boat but each to their own ….right Mr Baker .

  • PJ Maybe

    “obsession”? That’s an interesting choice of word Mick. Perhaps I’d be more inclined to be disinterested in the stuff posted here if it was entirely financed by subscription. But as public funds have been used to assist this site, even in terms you obliquely refer to as “a capital rather than a revenue ‘investment’ ” then perhaps an effort to explain your editorial decisions and the choices you make – particularly with regard to the influx of creative “talent” (ahem) who’ve recently taken up residence here, to the people who ultimately pay for this project would perhaps be a better stance to take?

  • Langdale


    We may have had a little spat about Conall McDevitt on another thread a week or so ago—but agree absolutely with you on Round the Horne (which I listen to on Radio 4 Extra) and the Bonzo Dog Doodah Band.

    So yep, underneath the politics we are all real people.

    Accept this as a belated apology for the truculence of my previous posts to you.


  • No problem whatsoever LP.

  • Dearbhla

    Horslips…. Book of Invasions

  • Mark McGregor

    This one made me go wtf when I first heard it, a dissenting republican (ex-prisoner) sings about ‘catching up’ with prison staff. ‘Going to have a run in with my stanley knife’. ‘When he’s walking home from the greyhound track he’ll feel my hammer bouncing off his back’. ‘So murders what I’m gonna do’.

  • Mark that’s atrocious the still from Tim Roth’s debut movie Made in Britain jarred but the rest of it is dreadful.
    Listened to Ry Cooder ‘Into the Purple Valley’ today. What a fantastic album which stands the test of time well. Here’s a protest song from the album ‘The Farmer is the Man

  • Mark McGregor


    It jars with me but its a reasonably recent ex-prisoner spilling out a lot of anger at the prison regime (and involved in protest now). Thing is Ciaran can do an awful lot better.

    For God and Ulster:

    Land of Mercs and Dollars:

  • keano10

    The Jam – All Mod Cons LP

  • Pigeon Toes

    Mr Pigeon Toes playing the banjo. 🙁

  • JR

    Saw CW a few times in Warrenpoint at the blues festival.

  • wee buns

    Thanks for introducing me to CW. Stonking hardly covers it!
    As far a Cooder goes ‘Bop til you Drop’ is very hard to beat – often have this on in the kitchen when a cookin.

    Another is the essential John Bulter Trio: pure feel-good.

  • CW is the most original sounding musician i have heard since Seasick Steve and And So I Watch You From Afar (ASIWYFA).
    I’d never heard of the John Butler Trio i shall investigate further wee buns

  • Mick Fealty


    How much more accountable would you like to see Slugger be?

    As for the influx of creative talent, I put a call out and people came. It was ever thus. The team we have was not hand picked, cajolled or sweet-talked into blogging for us.

    They do it because they have something to say. Now if you want to query individual contributions, the comment zone is available to you 24 hours a day.

    I’ve always had two objectives with Slugger. To keep the entry bar as low as possible, and the quality bar as high as possible. Where you see breaches of either of these I am, within reason, open to debate.

    Meantime, links?

  • between the bridges

    The Very Best Of Uriah Heep

    all that fighting, killing wine and those women gonna put me to an early grave …stealing when i should have been buying…

  • Munsterview

    TV going behind my back and pain in by neck from the odd turn around, get the sound only usually. Radio going in low the kitchen and if something interesting come up then tv mute button hit.

    Got an absolutely beautiful, three-in-one dolby system in an auction room yesterday for €30, and it could be 30 years old. Did not sell at auction, show room condition, obviously well looked after, valued and five wavebands. Quality turntable also. So from next week the TV will get a break and the classical LP come up to town with me after the weekend.

    Got a set of 52 on the great composers in Eastbourne some years back complete with the fortnightly great lives issued with them at the time, all in mint condition for the proverbial song. So at least one good composer read and listen a week coming up ! Tapes not forgotten either, some great early Christy Moor, Horslips, Tones etc in the attic and they are coming too!

    Some good listening coming up including shortwave and longwave radio. Bliss !

  • Woke up this morning with Talking Heads ‘Nothing but Flowers’ on my mind. Classic Byrne

  • Nunoftheabove

    Good shout Mooch; I listened to Remain in Light and Fear of Music back to back the other week not having listened to much/any ‘Heads for several years or more – if anything it sounded fresher than it did then or way back when. I’m not entirely nuts about all of Byrne’s solo work by any means but I did kinda dig his Eno collaboration and am still a bit loathe to let any of his new work go entirely unattended to.

    Check out the This Mortal Coil version of “Drugs” too – something else.

    This morning though, it was wall-to-wall (or, if you’d prefer, behind the wall of..) Smithereens.

  • Two classic albums which do still sound fresh and dare i say it (showing my age) bette than any of the generic shite that is being pumped out.
    Talking of churning set half an hour aside and watch Wannabes on the iplayer. quality tv about a gurl band from west belfast trying to make it

  • Listening to Gregory Campbell on Nolan made me think of this from Ras Michael and the Sons of Negus which is now blasting out……
    I’m a recent convert to Nyabhinghi which can be described (loosely) as Rastafarian Gospel Music

  • Munsterview

    Moochin & Friends

    One of the most recent CD I listened to was ‘Came The Dawn’ by the late Seamus Creagh, fiddle player and friends. His own composition ‘Lament for Kinsale’ is one of the finest and purest fiddle playing ever recorded.

    It is available elsewhere on the net as a download. Here on the site given there is a minute of ‘Merrily Kissed The Quaker’ that will convey something of the swing, élan and magic of the playing of Seamus.

    Seamus unfortunately was partnered by a fellow called Arthur G for a fair period of his adult like and he missed becoming the household name others of the first wave of that new trad musicians of my vintage did. He was long years ‘dry’ and totally back and at a new level when this CD was recorded.

    With this CD, while it was not the intention, as by now Seamus played for the ‘Higher Power’ in the first instance, Seamus left an enduring legacy among the Trad greats that will stand the test of time.