Quick. Look busy…

Whether you’re the UK Home Secretary keen to be seen to be responding to riots on the streets of London, or the Northern Ireland Finance Minister calling a local “emergency meeting” about a global financial crisis.  Appearances are everything

[Until someone asks a “stupid” question – Ed]  Indeed.

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  • iluvni

    Is this the same Finance Minister who didnt bother turning up for this vote?

    11 Jul 2011 Business of the House
    International Monetary Fund
    That the draft International Monetary Fund (Increase in Subscription) Order 2011, which was laid before this House on 13 June, be approved

    Whats another £9billion, right enough…

  • Well, at least Sammy’s call for ideas proves beyond a shadow of any doubt, that politicians have no idea about what they should be doing to lead in a global environment, and for them to imagine anything different and for any of them to suggest that they are community leaders is an arrogance borne in a delusion and aired in a madness which is certifiable and rightly applicable to any and all of the useless tools who would be fooling themselves that the truth is any different.

    Where are the proposals from those who are paid to provide good governance? Who is providing the master plans?

    Squeak up, please. We cannot hear anything and see nothing.

    If you have nothing to offer, then start walking and quit perpetrating a fraud on the people with your drawing of public funds, to pay for your every greedy need with extravagant generous expenses to boot.

    The free ride is over. Put up or get out. Capiche.

  • The Raven

    Speaking of appearances, when I see things like this, I am reminded of the day all and sundry came up to see Management when the Seagate closure was announced.

    Then, like now, I really got to see how powerless politicians at all levels here really are. Much wringing of hands, but ultimately, plus ca change… I’m sure many of our blogging chums can remember similar instances. I still have a copy of Doddsy’s speech to the Assembly after the fact. I don’t think the people from Limavady ever heard from any of them again. Gregory who…?

    Expect more of the same.

  • Mac

    A one hour meeting that was described as ‘constructive’.

    Jesus wept.

  • Well, I haven’t been able to find any info on the length of the meeting but it is certainly constructive to consider leaving the banks out the loop whenever looking for funding considering the billions and trillions they have been “given” by the taxpayer to kick start the economy/save their crooked system and which they are not lending, except to themselves in order to keep themselves in clover, that is. …….. http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/local-national/northern-ireland/wilson-proposes-equity-finance-plan-16033942.html

    Maybe you should be asking for all of your money,the billions and trillions, back, and pretty damn quick too, for the banks appear to be into buying up further toxic debt rather than providing global credit to the real economy which is you.

    The system is fcuked, and y’all are being played for right mugs and eejits by flash arrogant gits in zoot suits who rely on you doing diddly squat differently.

    Little do they know though, there is a lot going on …. underground. Isn’t that right, Sammy?

  • Ok, suckers, does this hit the sweet spot? …… http://thedailybell.com/2772/Alan-Greenspan-We-Can-Always-Print-More-Money

  • Banjaxed

    As useful as:
    1. A chocolate fireguard
    2. An ash-tray on a motorbike
    3. A cat-flap on a submarine

    Please strike out the inappropriate phrase(s).
    Or, better still, add your own!

  • Hi, Pete,

    With regard to the yellow card issue, the bolder abrasive comments are not meant to be considered abusive, they are just intended to try and wake everyone up to their sad and bad and mad situation, and the abuse which is easily made of it, which appears to be one of resigned apathy, which may be as a result of crass ignorance of the bigger picture which is being played by others, which are not anything like special forces.

    Advised of that which controls their everyday lives, allows them to be more able to effectively deal with that which needs to be dealt with ……. if they be bothered at all to do anything constructive, or even just be prepared to voice support for others who are so bothered and able and/or enabled to do something constructive and different.

    Fortunately though, given the prevalence of the usual default state of apathy which prevails, is such support, although very welcome and desirable, not necessary.

  • streetlegal

    Sammy Wilson has taken one decision which has gone unreported. Just before the 12th of July he quietly lifted the NI Civil Service recruitment freeze. At present the Stormont ministers are recruiting hundreds more civil servants to fill pen-pushing jobs within their departments. This at a time when many nursing jobs are being cut back.