London Olympics 2012: the countdown is over for us

My campaign to get some London Olympic 2012 tickets for NI fell  at the first hurdle, see below

And the last couple of days have seen the beginning of the countdown to London 2012. The BBC being unable to report on any tangible benefits for Norn Iron have rightly asked the question, several months after Slugger, what’s in it for us?

The answer is zilch. No visiting teams, no visitors, no capital builds etc

Kate Hoey suggests that Norn Iron was complacent which can only point the finger at  Nelson McCausland.  It seems the guy with a name which is neither one thing or the other nonetheless lived up to it  turning a blind eye to the Olympic cake  and parking it long term. Well, as the piece concludes, we can view the Olympics from afar.

  • Neil

    Actually running at a loss thanks to taxes and lottery grants being redirected to the Olympics from here. Still, we might get a few teams yet. Maybe the Jamaican bobsled team or something.

  • JaneJeffers

    The Olympics were awarded to LONDON. Not England or the UK or Britain & ireland or whatever imaginary construction you feel part of.

  • Neil

    Who said otherwise Jane? Every region has arranged a few teams to come and train, apart from NI of course. And every region has an Olympic football match in it, again, apart from NI. We are criticising our politicians for not pulling the finger out and trying to gain something from the event in the same way as every other region has done. They’ve spent the money but they’ve left it such that the games will be completed (just) by the time they finish the first major project.

  • andnowwhat

    Surely the throwing sports, javelin, shot and hammer, could have got some good coaching here?

    We don’t even need facilities either. Most any street will do rightly

  • Not quite correct to suggest that no Olympic team is training in Norn Iron as the er Irish team have been in Newcastle, County Down.
    And no doubt we will have a twenty minutes spot on Newsline and a spread in the News Letter when some teams too tardy to book a real place show up here.
    The Cayman Islands in Banbridge.
    Afghanistan in Crossmaglen.
    Equatorial Guinea in Plumbridge.

    Olympic teas training in Norn Iron in July……what could possibly go wrong?
    The Passover Olympics for Belfast.
    Kate Hoey tells us if we had the Bangor Pool earlier and Windsor Park resolved, it would all have been so different.
    Team GB is not Team UK.
    Well as Kate says there is the opportunity to support the Norn Iron athletes in the British team.
    Indeed Kate.
    We can also support the Norn Iron athletes in the Irish team.
    Or never mind the athletes. …we can just follow the flag.
    I bet Nelson McCausland is pretty relieved hes not waving “our” athletes off.
    Caral Ní Chuilín gets that honour.

  • Fair point about it being a net loss to the local economy what with tax revenue and lottery money being redirected. And I’m all in favour of a local alternative olympics. I wonder if that twenty twelve mockumentary is coming back for a second series, we might have something to contribute:
    Twenty twelve: Episode 4: The one where they remember Norn Iron is part of the United Kingdom

  • pippakin


    Perhaps there are two reasons why politicians in the north are not interested in the Olympics.

    1) half don’t want to be in there waving a union flag

    2) the other half only want to be there waving an orange flag

    There aint no orange in red, white and blue…

    Aaanyway you won’t be missing anything. London is always crowded and the Olympics will be a scrum.

  • Hi Pippakin

    Flag waving is not an official Olympic sport but I’m sure it will be accommodated in the alternative local Olympics be it rhythmic, freestyle or synchronised flagwaving, alongside the 20km walk (Parades Commission permitting), the Pole vault (kindly foreign national permitting), the dreary 30km steeplechase between Armagh and Enniskillen, and the Hiberno-Roman no holds barred ungodly wrestling. Our own, very own modern pentathlon.

  • articles

    another series of Twenty Twelve has been commissioned so who knows?

  • Thanks MP and you’re right i’ve just found this

    “In the second series the pressure mounts as the Olympic Deliverance team try to navigate their way through such delicate issues as how to handle the Algerian team’s demand for a mosque in the Olympic village, how to carry out a Legacy Audit on the rival bids for the Stadium when no-one knows what a Legacy Audit is, and budgetary concerns such as how to deliver value for money when there isn’t any money.”

    I wonder if there will be a third series , be very close to the wire but all the better.

  • I would sincerely hope so, too good an opportunity not to. If you remember ‘Drop the Dead Donkey’ it was filmed a couple of days prior to transmission and in the case of Rupert Murdoch they rewrote and filmed on the day of transmission but
    “They didn’t want to go overboard with the story”

  • There are two ways of looking at the London Olympics.
    Some reading this want it to be an amazing success.
    Others want to see it fall flat on its arse.

    As I recall from press releases at the time, the Twenty Twelve programme is based on the success of a pre-Sydney comedy show. And I think that the satire in the show draws some of the cynical sting.
    The programmes makers clearly have been given a degree of access and its doubtful that the programme could have been made without a degree of co-operation.

    If theres a second series (against a background of stadia being built and security increased) its likely that this means more co-operation which means the “satire” is likely to be affectionate rather than poisonous.

    Id be surprised if the programme makers “ambushed” the organising committee with episodes that were damning of the nonsense.

  • Who would want to se the Olympics falling flat on its arse?

  • Schadenfreude…….I think the Greeks have a word for it.

  • Not so sure about the Greeks, I always thought it was a Norn Iron word and concept, perhaps the only word i know that could conceivably have come from either tradition.

  • lamhdearg

    sporting sideline. scotland and wales drawn in the same group (world cup football) as serbia and croatia and macedonia. good chance of one british isle’s team making it through, once these three Balkan teams get put out for kicking sweet **** out of each other.