#Hackgate: Guido scores a hit, a very palpable hit… on Piers Morgan

Looks to me like Guido’s got one right in the back of the net… Piers Morgan, may not have been quite done in by his own words, but he has some serious questions to answer after Guido dug up this little number from the Daily Mail (who also claim they’ve never hacked anyone) in 2006:

“Stories soon emerged that the marriage was in trouble – at one stage I was played a tape of a message Paul had left for Heather on her mobile phone. It was heartbreaking. The couple had clearly had a tiff, Heather had fled to India, and Paul was pleading with her to come back. He sounded lonely, miserable and desperate, and even sang ‘We Can Work It Out’…”

So where’s the tippex Roy? Time to get rewriting that facimile memo for Trinity Mirror, for the first time at least…

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