Dennis Potter on Rupert Murdoch

from an interview with Melvyn Bragg in 1994 (Hat tip to Esther)

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  • Into the west

    in the same interview he said of the Queen:
    Its hard to shit on her from a kneeling position” ..
    something I always quote at royalists ..:)

  • wee buns

    They (Murdoch & co) do truly seek (and have been gaining) political control.
    The motivation is not solely money greed.
    Ownership of the interlinked digital TV and ultimately the net means no protection of personal freedom or civil liberties.
    Recent events have shown nothing less than a moral disaster has befallen his ilk, simply because they did not realize how far they’ve erred.
    The public has alerted them to the *existence* of* a*line.
    A boundary to what I heard on today’s radio described as the ‘grey arts’.
    Genuine surprise on their part.
    This astonishment is where we can hang our hope.
    They are fundamentally sycophantic, therefore susceptible to overstepping the limits of public tolerance.

  • DC

    Thanks for putting this video up – fair play to Dennis Potter.

    Britain needs to be rid of Murdoch and his News International group – I know that isn’t possible to bring about immediately; but, the powers that be should at least attempt to restrict any further control of the media by him.

    The Government should refuse him outright control of Sky. The guy’s a control freak.