Quote of the Day…

From Michael Hennigan writing in the Dublin Review of Books:

…in 1986, the late UCD constitutional law professor and Fine Gael TD John Kelly said: “Ireland’s political and official rulers have largely behaved like a crew of maintenance engineers, just keeping a lot of old British structures and plant ticking over .‑. The challenge is to evolve structures ‑ within which the people can be drawn to individual and community responsibility for their own development.”

Go read the whole lot!!

  • RichyA

    One quote from the article:

    “It is also evident that the Irish generally are much more energised by the drama of politics than by issues of process, competent management, accountability and reform. Crucially, there has been no Irish tradition of parsimony when it comes to public funds”

    Damingly well written article which unfortunately confirms many of my own current feelings about the republic of ireland’s economic travails.

    One point that always intrigues me is that the irish voting system, Single Transferable Vote, is a particularly democratic manner of electing politicians compared with that in the UK. Voters can even choose between different candidates of the same party.

    So unfortunately the irish got the politicians they deserved, that they voted for and everyone had their snouts in the trough…