NOTW targeted Met Detective who was investigating murder case…

Channel 4 claim the News of the World targeted Met detective Dave Cook who was investigating 15 year old murder. They also say Brooks was informed at the time. The reason given was that the NOTW wanted to know if that detective was having an affair with a member of Crimewatch staff.

It seems the woman in question was his wife.

Watch it all…

  • Comrade Stalin

    The BBC are now reporting allegations that the phones of the parents of Holly and Jessica (the Soham murder victims) may also have been hacked.

  • Comrade Stalin
  • Tweedybird

    Just after watching BBC 2’s Newsnight; it seems there is more revelations on this story, The NOTW and its relationship with our political figures past and present is now being investigated.Its bordering on institutionalised corruption.

  • pippakin

    I don’t see how Murdoch should be able to escape fall out from this catalogue of disgraceful behaviour. Brookes must be finished but she took her instructions from further up the ladder.

    Having said that I won’t be a bit surprised if Murdoch gets Sky.

  • Comrade Stalin


    Indeed, I suspect with the advertising being pulled the NOTW brand is probably now toxic. Murdoch’s priority will be to prevent contagion of his other brands, including Sky.

    Normally this would be a job for someone like Max Clifford, but given that he was one of the hacking victims himself he may not be too inclined to help.

    You really do get the sense that Murdoch has gone too far this time ..

  • Mick Fealty

    CS, he is helping. Ms Brooks as it happens. Says they are such good friends she’d never do it.

  • Rory Carr

    Another most distressing (yet hardly surprising to any alert Londoner) aspect of this whole sordid affair is the role played by our old friend, Knacker of the Yard and his colleagues. Uncontested allegations of payments to as yet unnamed constabulary by News International are now with us on top of the excellent work by Chris Bryant who insists that the police “lied and lied again and again to Parliament”.

    But then the news that Knacker might tell the odd porky and (in the right circs, guv) be amenable to a bung, while it will hardly come as a surprise to my fellow cheeky chappies, might not sit too well with middle England who will be at pains to be comforted with the assurance that this can all be put down to a few rotten apples. The sad thing is that I can firmly reassure them in advance that such reassurance will be forthcoming in due course. It’s the way we do things in Old London Town.Plus ca change…

  • A Toxic Brand……and the front page on all of tomorrows newspapers except..the Sun.
    By what “news value” is this story kept off the front page of the Sun…..surely evidence that the Sun cant actually be trusted as a “newspaper”.
    The debate tomorrow might be interesting. Especially if we here things under Parliamentary privelege.

    The Sun and News International are toxic. And the “papers review” on Sky News was interesting to say the least.
    But can Journalists be trusted to follow this story of Institutional Abuse (Journalism not merely News International) as enthusiastically as they followed institutional abuse in Parliament, Police, Banks and Churches?

  • Dewi

    Now it’s time to boycott this scum’s output. Disgusting disgrace.

  • wee buns

    Thanks, I for one shall be signing that petition for whatever good it shall do or not, the alternative is to rant impotently at these odious fools. I would adore seeing Murdoch’s cards marked whatever the chances of that may be. Bring it on.

  • Rory Carr

    “I hope that you all realise it is inconceivable that I knew or worse, sanctioned these appalling allegations.” – Rebekah Brooks

    I don’t know which is worse either, never having known any allegations myself (well, not personally that is) much less having ever sanctioned any. To tell you the truth, guv, I wouldn’t know how to go about sanctioning an allegation in the first place, but then I never got to be a hot-shot editor of the world’s best-selling newspaper and would probably have had to rely upon a team of good sub-editors even if I had.

    Sounds like a great new vehicle for Matt Damon:

    The Brooks Allegation Sanction

    p.s. It sems as though it is former NoW editor (and former Cameron Press Officer), Andy Coulson who is in the frame for signing off payments to Knacker. Whoops ! Dave. I’d stay in Kabul for a bit if I were you.

  • pippakin

    The NOTW will be at their most dangerous now. The one thing that would take them off the front pages would be proof of another rags involvement. It appears to have been quite a common practice.

    It makes me wonder how many ‘respected’ journalists knew about it.

  • There is no way that it was confined to one “red top”. Earlier this week no “red top” was taking advantage of the NOTWs discomfort……as we might expect them to claim a high moral ground.
    But logically journos move from newspaper to newspaper and they also meet socially in pubs at award ceremonies or just doorstepping.
    It beggars belief that a journo leaving NOTW to join a rival has never said “oh at the NOTW we would have hacked into a mobile phone….”
    This goes to the heart of journalism not NOTW.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Ms Brooks as it happens. Says they are such good friends she’d never do it.

    She’d never do what ?

  • Mick Fealty

    Sanction the hacking of his phone.

  • I was going to remind all and sundry that two years. here, on Slugger, we went through quite a bit of this .

    Some of us (modesty forbids …) were convinced the Guardian was already onto something big: 13,343 requests, from 305 reporters, to just the one investigator, for information that typically required hacking into confidential databases, including tax returns, phone records, social security data, bank statements, records of drivers’ licenses and information on police computers.

    We conspiracy theorists had read “Lord” Ashcroft’s dissection of the Whittamore/”Operation Motorman/”/ICO report. It’s still on line at

    We were wondering how 13,343 requests, from 305 reporters, to just the one investigator could conceivably all be about the doings of a few princelings and celebs.

    Ashcroft there cites the number of abuses: 5,025 definite breaches of the Data Protection Act; 6,330 probable breaches; the 305 journalists worked for 21 newspapers and 11 magazines (he lists them — the NotW bats at number 6, well below the two from the Mail stable.

    Above all, Ashcroft reminded us that all of that was based on one raid on one investigator, working in what was — and remains — quite a crowded profession. After all, how many times a day do I get an invitation in my email inbox to inspect my own credit rating?

  • Rory Carr

    Not “sanction [his] appalling allegations” then ?