POTD – Practice makes perfect

Yesterday i took my 8 yr old son down to the new Urban Sports Park near Tomb Street. It’s a great set up and a welcome addition to the city. It’s not that well known but we already have some world class skaters who have attracted international sponsors.

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  • Nunoftheabove

    Glad to see it. What urban sports other than skateboarding are catered for and/or undertaken there ? is it open 24*7 and is it entirely unsupervised ?

  • In line skates, bmx and variations there of.
    Didn’t really any supervision and it works really well. Not open 24/7 though i must check to see what the hours are as maah boy will be wanting to go down over the hols.

  • Nunoftheabove


    Nice one; was it the council’s initiative and is it the only one of its kind that we know about ?

  • Drumlins Rock

    Architecturally the flyover and park are a perfect blend, by putting together two things that are generally brute ugly in many other settings a thing of some beauty has been created.

  • Great photo , once again.
    I do trust that the park is open on Sundays 😉

  • TisPop

    The Park is open from about 8ish everyday to 10.30 at night. There is no supervision although the police do stop around every so often as the amount of non-sports persons who drink alcohol at the park is extremly high! Although this does fuel many drunken arguements and fights the people who are there for sports never really get dragged into it.
    Also the Belfast Urban Sports have been campaigning for the park and have finally got it through Peace Money from what i’ve been told

  • Thanks TisPop, i did notice an awful lot of empty bottles thrown over the fence into the empty lot beside it.
    As far as i know it has taken around 10 years of lobbying to get it built and yeah there was European money behind it

  • Mark McGregor

    Mooch, TisPop,

    It seems a prime candidate for a users forum/group/collective. If people that aren’t part of the sports are putting their future at risk after such a long campaign – surely the next campaign is to ensure the fuckwits don’t destroy it?

  • Yeah perhaps but i’m pretty sure the issue will be being looked into. The thing that struck me was the freedom of the place and it will resolve itself once the feckwits get the message (however long that takes)

  • TisPop

    Hopefully they can try resolve it but a comman saying within the skaters i know, is ‘out of sight, out of mind’ and it feels that this is how its being treated because of the amount of drinkers at the park. I knew that the area where the park is built was a local drinking area and so with the park it continues along with drug abuse.
    I await the day in which the park will be free of all misuse