POTD – All quiet on the Eastern Front

Newtownards Rd (Pitt Park) 11.15pm

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  • wee buns

    Memorabilia, skeleton of rust, sunset. Everybody breathe. Very nice shot.

  • Brian

    What an ugly flag. Is that considered flag desecration?

  • pippakin

    All flags should be banned especially tatty old ones with holes in them.. nice shot btw.

  • There were lots of new flags being put up in Bushmills the other evening, Union and Northern Ireland. I wonder where the money came from. The director of operations appeared in a photo in the Sunday World/Life recently; he’d been a guest of the President during the recent Royal visit to Ireland.

  • pippakin

    I just would like to mention, hopefully without sounding too much like Pollyanna, I’m glad Slugger is back.

  • JR

    Glad it’s back too pip. I would also like to confess that as soon as it went down yesterday I tried to register the domain name. ( I assumed Mick hadn’t paid the bill) Just in case someone less principled than myself tried the same trick.

    It didn’t work

  • Received a press release from Queens University today…..

    A report from Queen’s has found that a large number of flags are still left flying on lampposts on main roads in Northern Ireland at the end of the summer months.

    The latest report Public Displays of Flags and Emblems in Northern Ireland: Survey 2010 published by the Institute of Irish Studies at Queen’s, reveals that 3,876 flags were put up along main roads in July 2010.

    The research, which is funded by the Office of the First and Deputy First Minister, surveyed political symbolism on all arterial routes and town centres in Northern Ireland during the first two weeks in July and last two weeks of September over a five-year period from 2006 to 2010. In addition researchers conducted surveys two weeks after Easter in 2008, 2009 and 2010. In each of the surveys, researchers counted and mapped the different types of flags and other emblems on display.

    The vast majority of the flags put up in the summer months are unionist in nature. In September 2010 1,098 unionist flags remained flying on lampposts whilst 757 were nationalist – the vast majority of these were GAA flags. In 2010 there was a slight increase in the display of paramilitary flags in July although since 2006 there has been a decrease from 161 to 102.

    Dr Dominic Bryan, Director at the Institute of Irish Studies, said: “We know from questions asked in the Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey that displays of flags detrimentally effect people’s use of facilities and shops in certain areas. While expressions of political identity at times of festival and commemoration are common all over the world, there is no doubt that displays in Northern Ireland are left to demarcate territorial space.

    “This issue remains a crucial one in developing a shared and equal society. It appears that overall policies developed to create more shared public space by reducing the length of time flags are flown have not been successful. Perhaps one thing that could be emphasised in the future is to treat symbols with respect and not leave flags to go tatty and dirty over the winter months.”

    Media inquiries to Anne-Marie Clarke at Queen’s University Communications Office

  • HeinzGuderian

    There are other flags,apart from *Unionist* ones ?
    I’m sure I’m not the only one shocked by this news………….;-)

  • Possibly a little premature to suggest it is quiet on the Eastern Front. They were at it again last night.
    I see that less than two miles away there auditions for “Game of Thrones” on Monday.
    They are looking for large bearded, hairy men for the fight scenes…at about £75 per day.
    If the Casting people are smart they will recruit locally……very locally.
    Some excellent fight scenes in prospect.
    Violence kept off the streets.
    And money can go into the pockets of er…..the local community.
    Gin and tonics all round.

  • Mark McGregor

    “The vast majority of the flags put up in the summer months are unionist in nature. In September 2010 1,098 unionist flags remained flying on lampposts whilst 757 were nationalist – the vast majority of these were GAA flags.”

    How strange that a QUB survey on flags doesn’t note it’s sampling period is well after the peak of the Unionist marching season, which last months but peaks in July, and is during the absolute pinnacle of the GAA calendar – all-Ireland finals month. Were the 757 GAA they found flying in Sept 2010 perhaps mainly concentrated in County Down?

    When they count Unionist flags during July and GAA flags during Sept finals then maybe thay’ll have a tad of credibility – until then, its a load of crap comparing a declining graph with one at it’s peak.

  • pippakin

    I would rather they paid someone to take the damn things down than waste time and money counting them.

  • FJH – I did consider putting a photo of the wall of house on Castlereagh St that had been partially destroyed by feral youths foraging for ammo last night/this morning. As per the trouble a fortnight ago, i was out at around 5am this morning to survey the remnants.
    Looked to me like the police pushed (kettled) the rioters up Castlereagh St to take them away from the Albertbridge Road. I was surprised to see the debris up as far as the Templemore Ave junction.
    I did encounter a number of bandsmen weaving their merry way home along with council workers, who were happy for the overtime, clearing up not just the debris from the rioting but also the rubbish that lay all around Templemore/ Albertbridge Rd.
    Yeah the survey struck me as flawed too Mark