And so to Inverclyde…

The vote is on Thursday for the first Westminster by-election since the SNP Holyrood victory.
Daid Milliband says:
“Any vote other than a Labour vote is a vote for the Tories”
Meanwhile the SNP in Inverclyde are exposing Labour:
“Ms McLaughlin exposed the Labour – Tory plan to sack council workers in a televised debate last week.
Challenged again by Ms McLaughlin on BBC Politics Show Cllr McKenzie who sought to shout his way through the interview was forced to say he wouldn’t make people redundant, Ms McLaughlin said: “Last week I exposed Labour – Tory plans, led by the Labour candidate, to make workers redundant and I am pleased today to have done my job and protected work for people in Inverclyde”
The Caledonian Mercury thinks that things can only get better:
“Last month’s election was such a monumental contest that it is proving difficult for anyone (bar perhaps the candidates themselves) to raise themselves for one more effort, particularly when the result of this by-election will have little – if any – effect on the political process.
But they are trying (oh how they are trying…). Labour issued a press release yesterday which tried to tarnish the reputation of the SNP candidate by bringing up a vote from the last session of parliament.
In the last days before a tight and key by-election, this might have some effect, but more than two weeks out from what appears to be one of the most low-key by-elections of recent years, it really meant very little.”
Political Betting thinks the Labour favourite tag is justified.
….A strangely subdued election…