Starical showcase of Stormont representatives, #2

  • Brian Spencer

    This is the second in a series of satirical cartoon studies that seeks to depict, lampoon and generally poke fun at our “folks on the hill”.

    HOWEVER, please note that it is well known that the timing and subject of each if the drawings is not in anyway related to current goings on. The upcoming porfolio of cartoons is simply an experimental exercise that will hopefully lead on to more specialised and time conscious cartoons.

  • perseus

    its funny historically Brian.
    By the way just discovered this satire site this morning.
    Its modelled on the BBC website.
    here’s todays offering relating to the riots:
    Belfast witnesses outbreak of Christianity
    give it an out-of-ten if you would

  • Brian, Iris stepped down as a public representative at the end of 2009; she’s no longer a public representative. Sadly, it’s also not unusual for folks to poke fun at those afflicted by mental illness, a condition that she allegedly suffers from.

  • Dont really see what the message here is.
    The name and the green dress are clearly Iris Robinson who WAS a public figure.
    Whats the message?
    Is it mud that is on its way to Ms Robinson and none seems to have stuck before.
    Is the cartoon itself “mud slinging”?

  • Perhaps i can help

    Not so much an “angel in the marble” as a “dolly in the lolly”. Don’t just dismiss the idea, suck it and see, but don’t blame me for the sour taste in your mouth.