SpAdS: SF shared cells. Conservatives shared beds

As the rows rages on, lets all remember SpAd controversies are nothing new.

We could also look at one SpAd later co-opted to council that was rejected by the electorate when they finally presented themself?

Or do we accept the job of the SpAd is to do the politics for a Minister civil servants can’t and as a result free up time for that Minister and public employees?

Surely a SpAd has to be trusted not interviewed? The reason we don’t know who the rest of them are is because they aren’t public figures and shouldn’t be if doing their jobs. Undermining the backroom staff of one party suddenly makes it acceptable to do the same across the board. Is that how the Executive will deal with SpAds? Whomever creates the most media can now effectively select their opponents’ strategists?

Don’t think so!

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