David Norris: Senator yes, President, well maybe not…

Lot’s of comment on Senator Norris’s much quoted ten year old interview for Magill this week… From the sort of sympathetic to the outraged to the pragmatic, he’s going nowhere fast

Now there is nothing particularly controversial in what Senator Norris said. He did not back paedophilia, and in fact he was candid about an aspect of his younger life the effects of which at the time were mostly positive in a country that has been travelling from gay negative to a gay positive attitudes.

But the truth is that whilst Senator Norris’s unclubbable and irrepressible dissenting voice is an undoubted boon to the Seanad and Irish public life generally, the largely ceremonial office of the Irish Presidency may be better suited to someone who is somewhat less inclined to be so candid and open about his personal life, and other matters.

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