Euskadi – out of the left field

Following the seismic events in Scotland a bombshell from the Basque Country.
With an electoral ban only lifted on May 5,Bildu, a new leftish Basque nationalist party, made astonishing progress in municipal elections on Sunday.
The forensic Syniadau has the detail.
In the Basque autonomous region it claimed 953 seats v. the 872 of the EAJ/PNV. EAJ/PNV won on votes however, 31% to 26%.
In addition in the “disputed” province of Navarre (outside the Basque autonomous community) Bildu took 13% of the vote and 7 seats.
In context Bildu are a reconstructed Sortu, itself a (banned) peaceful descendant of Batasuna, ETA’s political wing.
So, formed on April 3, unbanned on May the 5th, 26% of the vote on May the 22nd. I’d welcome comments from those closer to Basque politics on how on earth this happened…..