On the bearable lightness of the modern monarchy…

Okay, this is a bit of an experiment. I’ve recorded (very roughly) some thoughts on the allure of the Monarchy in otherwise fully democratic countries from a small ‘r’ republican point of view. You can also probably hear a heavy breathing Spaniel in the background:


I should also point out something not properly covered in the piece, ie that the British monarchy is in fact largely covered by the income from the Crown Estates (£210.7 in the year ending in April) to HM Treasury. So, my point on the expense of monarchy is an indirect one.

I’d welcome two ways of responding. One is the usual, via the comment zone below. The other is to have a crack at making an audioboo yourself (just treat it like a kind of extended ‘phone-in’ response). Just go to audioboo.fm, register and if you have an iphone or even just a microphone on your Mac or PC just give us your own views?