“Oh my God, it’s the actual Queen…”

This is a reworking of Olivia O’Leary’s Drivetime Column (podcast)… This and Joseph O’Connor’s (podcast) two most interesting sound outputs from the Queen’s visit to the Republic…

  • Pete Baker

    “We’re still so sensitive…”

    A very poignant and powerful address.

    “The Queen does not slip.”

    Well, indeed.

  • A finely crafted presentation by Olivia.

    Will the low key approach by the Queen, during the course of the visit to a range of iconic places, have helped some more ardent Irish nationalists to set aside the mantle of mopery, if even only for a little while?

    Some folks have noted the presence of Seamus Heaney, tucking into a sumptuous repaste between Prince Philip and Prime Minister Cameron. Will the premier poet be making a poem for the occasion as a counter-point to his “Be advised my passport’s green / No glass of ours is raised to toast the Queen”? A working title might be, “That was then, This is now”.

  • wee buns

    Or as one Donegal teenager remarked dryly:

    ‘‘I know this sounds stupid but she has a ridiculously English accent’