Stratagem #AE11 Prediction competition winners…

And in other news the Stratagem prediction competition for Assembly results are out… In fact there are two winners… Ross McCrea and Glenn Atkinson So a second original has been order from Ian Knox… Here’s the full top ten:

1= Ross McCrea
1= Glenn Atkinson
3 = Zita Murphy
4= Tony Gallagher
4= Maurice Robinson
4= Julie Ann Donnelly
4= Margaret Donnellan
4= Mark McGregor
9= Kieran Mark Donnelly, Claire Bradley, Mark Baker, Mark Graham, Trevor Polley and Alan Day.

In other competitions, Tweet of the election went to our own Republican Stones as the first one to tweet ‘Taxi for Elliott’… He is now the proud owner of the very first Slugger mug ever to be printed should be supping coffee from it as we ‘speak’.

For those of you who really, really want one of your own, you might try Cafe Press.

The last competition is the dHondt competition, or Executive Bingo, we will be announcing tomorrow…

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