US Economic Envoy to Northern Ireland resigns

The BBC report that the US Economic Envoy to Northern Ireland, Declan Kelly, has resigned.  Well, as he said in January, “It’s no longer somebody else’s problem.

Still, nice of him to wait until the election was over…

According to the BBC report

There is no indication that the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has any immediate intention to replace Mr Kelly – something which may concern politicians and business leaders on this side of the Atlantic.

Adds  From the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s statement

As I said last October at the U.S. – Northern Ireland Economic Conference, a stronger economy in Northern Ireland will help secure a lasting peace; a bedrock foreign policy priority for the United States. The United States will continue to work with Northern Ireland to expand the opportunities Declan has fought so hard for, and I know he will remain a passionate advocate for the people of Northern Ireland. It is with appreciation and admiration for a job well-done that I accept the resignation today of U.S. Economic Envoy to Northern Ireland Declan Kelly. I thank him and wish him and his family the very best in the future.