RTÉ on hosting Eurovision 2012: “that’s a bridge we’ll cross on Sunday if we need to.”

Despite the BBC report headline, RTE’s chosen representative, Jedward, are not the “favourites” for Eurovision 2011.  That position still clearly belongs to France.  Although, to be fair, Jedward’s odds have shortened since I bookmarked that earlier today…

RTÉ, on the other hand, would probably be quite content with a French result – judging by the comments from Julian Vignoles, head of RTÉ’s Eurovision delegation, in the Irish Times report.

Julian Vignoles, head of RTÉ’s Eurovision delegation, enthused that this is “the best chance we’ve had in a long, long time” but was more hesitant about the network’s ability to host the contest next year were the twins to bring home victory: “It’s highly unlikely that we wouldn’t be able to host. But that’s a bridge we’ll cross on Sunday if we need to.”

But nothing can dampen Jedward’s optimism – from the same Irish Times report

The twins gave a trademark blast of energy last night to an IDA and Enterprise Ireland-sponsored business networking event, proclaiming that their appearance on Thursday was going to be “huge and mega”.

The slightly hoarse-sounding John told The Irish Times that it would be “huge for our career” if they won the contest: “We’d get a European tour, and screaming girls all over Ireland and the UK.”

Which would make Louis Walsh so happy…

They have a semi-final, on Thursday, to negotiate first.

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  • Henry94

    We have gone to extraordinary lengths to lose in recent years from letting John Waters write a song to sending Dustin.

    Jedward would have been considered sure fire losers but now RTE are getting nervous as the twins talent for publicity appears to be giving them a chance.

    Next year they won’t take any chances. They’ll send Crystal Swing.

  • Pete Baker

    “We have gone to extraordinary lengths to lose in recent years from letting John Waters write a song to sending Dustin.”

    Public votes, all…

  • JAH

    I know of at east 2 girls in the JAH household who will be voting for them…think RTE better start a car boot sale.

  • Politico68

    Anybody over the age of 15 who is anything more than indifferent to Jedward has a problem.

  • RTE has consistently plundered the shallows of mediocrity to ‘represent’ Ireland at the Eurovision. After sending a turkey a few years ago to choosing songs of such mind-numbing witlessness, it has worked hard to avoid the expense of having to host the Eurovision ever again. While Jedward are lovely felllows and are a big hit with teenage girls everywhere, they can’t sing a note. The song is not an Irish song but a Danish song, composed by three Danes who are serial entrants in the Eurovision for different countries. At least in soccer you have the grandmother rule to limit the access of international mercenaries to the right to represent a country in international competition.

    My own view is that RTE should, as a pilot scheme, limit entrants to the National Song Contest to songs in Irish only. They couldn’t be any worse than the songs chosen over the years. It would also have the cultural object of promoting a native language pop culture scene and would do more for Irish than the Official Languages Act, Official Working Status for Irish in the EU and the proposed Irish Language Act/Acht na Gaeilge combined.

  • Henry94

    Punters are going Jedward mad down here. Everybody thinks they will win and they are 11/2 now. They are lousy odds.

  • gréagóir o frainclín

    Maybe folks here are taking this ‘song’ contest a little too serious. Times have changed, it’s no longer purely a song contest but more of an entertinment spectacle now.

    Folks should really try to go with the flow and understand cultural and social changes rather than pontificating on precedents based on days gone by. Times change and such is life!

    And sure Jedward have a chance of winning it too now that they have qualiied for the final.

  • Mark

    See Bulgalia gave England 12 points as a way of saying sorry for one of their citizens decapitating one of England’s citizens in Tenerife .

  • Mark

    typo – Bulgaria …