Now “the annual ritual o’ the big countin’ up is o’er…”

Right, we have had some great analysis on Slugger over the last few days or so… But nothing compares to the boul Professor Billy… With apologies to Dawn, here’s his take on politics and social media

Wee Dawn is oot, an’ the whole social medium wurld loved her. Unfortunately hivin’ 2.3 million friends oan FB does nat equate til a similar nummer o’ votes in the election. Ah shud knae, Ah hiv 6 hunner odd friends, Ah hiv oany met aboot 6 o’ them, an’ Ah dinnae even like themuns.*

But, honestly, read the whole thing

  • pippakin

    I know how he feels…

  • Zig70

    Brilliant, Basil wi jazz on his aye pod, tractor Tom and Ye cannae be the TUV, DUP, Alliance an’ Conservatives all at the same time

  • Thon boyo winnae last lang on Slaager :L

  • just sayin

    The Prof hits the nail on the head again. Priceless. The wee SDLP wumman has’nae lang til go.

  • Cynic2

    Love the Tractor and the geese with the Tricolours.

    Never trust a goose!!!!! They are always unreliable on constitutional matters

  • cushyglenn

    agreed- geese are scum…oops