#AE11Tweet competition: Best Tweets of the #AE11 election

Okay, the best Tweet of the election compo is now getting going… there were some absolute crackers coming into the studio at UTV yesterday…

I wanted to do something about ‘the lovely girls’ standing behind Arlene holding a Union flag as she did her interview with @paulclarke_UTV, bu unlike Eamonn I’d left my iphone outside…

Anyways, here’s some of the early nominations:

“@CaptTailhook Taxi for Tom Elliott!”

“@keithbelfast: Breaking – Jim Allister gets elected and calls for Tom Elliott to let the past be the past. #ae11Tweet”

“@maryminihan On the menu at Ballymena count: Sausage or bacon bap……Ulster fry…sausages. Even the crisps are sausage-flavoured!”

“@CaptTailhook “Taxi for Tom Elliott!”

Tell us you favourites, either by posting them below, or by retweeting and adding the #AE11Tweet hastag…

Winners will be announced at Tomorrow’s Big Election Breakfast which kicks off at 8am… Loads of post match analysis, the announcement of the Stratagem Prediction winners, and *real* conversation…

More detail later, in the meantime, get your place booked now!!

  • Mr Crumlin

    @mccafferysteven – ulster says slow!

  • That isn’t a post-election breakfast for council candidates. I will be at the Belfast count.

  • cynic49

    Saw one that said Jim Alister visited Michael Stone in prison to see if there was an easier way into Stormont.

  • RepublicanStones

    Think we might need a stewards inquiry with @Captaintailhook’s tweet.

  • RepublicanStones

    Ok folks we have a late entry, and the last line is a doozy. Up there with Rodney Dangerfield’s last line in ‘CaddyShack’.

    I give you RT @jordanmoates: Feeling a bit lost tonight after my election viewing on @UTVElection …..what to do with myself tonight? #ae11

  • JH

    Just on the hashtag thing, what’s the hashtag for the Council Elections?

    I’m seeing NICE11…

    Mainly because I’ll be using this to follow them: http://www.whothefuckiswinning.com/?v=nice11