What’s with the shoddy media performance?

The duration of the count has been one of the headline stories so far of this election, but I personally have been very disappointed by the performance of the broadcast media so far. Why has it not been possible for the BBC and UTV to provide first count figures per candidate as the results come in, as has always been the case in the past? The BBC have been providing visual graphics on party performance following count announcements, which is quite useless given the vagaries of the single transferrable vote system, whilst UTV does seem to be eventually getting around to giving first preference candidate figures- certainly online anyway, but no count by county progress.

Furthermore, the absence of such figures on the BBC’s internet site throughout the night was equally disappointing.

But at least these two outlets provided some coverage. It would appear that RTE, which traditionally provided the best coverage in terms of giving count progress figures, has completely given up the ghost this time.

Thank God for Mark McGregor’s live blog, eh?